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Thursday, October 7, 2010

SMILE - St. George Marathon in Pictures

All smiles (and double waves??) for the cameras.

The happiest moment of the marathon - seeing my family!

Running with my girl.

Finished. As I neared the finish, the crowd was going crazy. As soon as Spiderman went by, I knew why. Can you imagine running in the heat in that?? Crazy!

A smooch for my other little running partner.

My AWESOME aunt, uncle and cousin (the one who ran with me near the finish).

So happy to be done!

My amazing little family.

I haven't really had a good place to keep my medals; I found this surprise waiting for me at home.

The Medal


  1. I know it wasn't the marathon of your dreams, but you'd never know it looking at the pictures! You look so beautiful and so strong!! Love that medal holder, lucky girl. :-)

  2. Great pictures and a nice medal!

  3. Love that medal! Well earned, and great pictures.

  4. Nice medal and I love the holder for them! And you looked great in your pictures! Fresh as a daisy!

  5. YAY st. G!

    The photos rock & nothing - NOTHING is better than running a few steps with the kidos.


  6. I really might end up copying your medal "rack". I LOVE it!

  7. Great pictures and super cool medal! Congrats!

  8. Love your medal thingy. Love your photos too. Looks like you weren't too far behind Spiderman! And You look really really tall!

  9. aww i love you little running partner. I love your medal holder also. Way to go !

  10. Nice demonstration of Super Mom skills there, carrying your little daughter afterward. Most people can't even support their OWN weight after finishing. Looks like her cast is off now, too, hope that makes life around the house easier.

    I've debated wearing a costume (everybody should do that at least once), but no doubt, my luck I'd have the worst possible conditions like poor Spidey.

    Congrats again on your finish, and savor those memories of your family as you finished. Best possible way to finish the race, I completely agree with Emz.

  11. I love that holder. I actually saw it online yesterday and bookmarked that exact one - I haven't decided if I want that one or a bigger one. So, it's crazy that you posted about it today! Now, I know, it's big enough for mine! Thanks! And, well done!

  12. What a cute medal holder!!! Please tell us where it came from!

    WTG on your race!

  13. GREAT pics! I love them! I love the ones of you and your daughter!

  14. Congratulations on your marathon! I am so glad that you didn't give up, the race feels so much better when you gave it your all and left everything out there. (I'm commenting about your last post too).

    That is one damn cool medal!

  15. Great race pics! I always look like a shlump in mine so I envy those of you who look good in yours!

    So nice about the Believe medal holder.

  16. Awesome! Congratulations to you! I definitely admire what you have accomplished. Your pictures are great too!

  17. Beautiful! Amazing family you have! I love all these pictures!

  18. super cute! congrats!! i think you should do a room in your home inspired by the colors of your medals. they are gorgeous! xx

  19. Congratulations! Love the pics! And, the medal holder is such a beautiful surprise!

    Winks & Smiles,


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