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Friday, October 22, 2010


I had seven miles on the schedule for today. The weather was perfect - upper 50s and overcast - and my Bean was happily singing along to Glee tunes (iPod Touch with built-in speaker = genius). The only thing not cooperating? My legs. I'm pretty sure they were on strike. A little over a mile in, Bean started repeating "Home?" I decided she might be right, and decided to head back. I did an out and back, so of course as I started mile three my legs decided to come back to work and Bean fell asleep. I made it back to the car at 3.2 miles and will put in seven on the mill during naps tomorrow.

As I loaded the stroller, I saw this:

My husband gave me that sticker for Christmas last year and was the one who stuck it to the back of our vehicle.

On our way to St. George for the marathon, we saw quite a few other vehicles with running stickers on them. Most were a simple 26.2 or Runner Girl or were marathon specific. But then we saw a car with three stickers on the back driver's side and three stickers on the back passenger's side. The same three stickers on each side. It was like they had to make sure you knew both the man and the woman in the car were runners and had run the same races. Two of the stickers were marathon specific and the third was a 26.2.

When he saw that car, my husband said, "You are all a bunch of runnerds." I laughed seriously hard. Mostly because it's true. I am a runnerd.


  1. So sounds like something my hubs would say! That's awesome!

  2. Can I be a runnerd too?! Please.

    Awesome. I love nerds.

  3. Ha, ha, ha!! I'm happy to say I'm a runnerd, too! :-)

  4. What a great term he just coined. I think you should create a NEW sticker with it. I would be the first to buy it and display it proudly.

  5. So, back in high school I was just a nerd. Now I'm a runnerd? At least now all of the cool kids are runnerds too.

  6. So love it! I have a sticker on my car that has mountains on it and says "runner" underneath - a Coloraod Runner I am :).

  7. Love it! I have a running sticker on my car as well.

  8. I was contemplating a 13.1 sticker. :)

  9. Glad you got your legs back and hope the 7 went well. They say to give 1 day recovery (which might mean not-running?) for every mile in last your race, so I'd say you're bound to have some ups and downs.
    As for runnerds, if your husband can give DNPTP to the world, this just fits in perfect. We need to stay grounded and make sure we don't take this hobby/obsession too seriously.
    But it made me think 2 other things.
    1. you should join the FB group, the logo is perfect
    2. The "Runners, Yeah we're different" ads in Runners World back when I was in high school (a few years ago). Here's a few that some guy compiled and they are still hilarious, though I apologize for the first picture, I hope that didn't really end up in print:
    I love the last one.

  10. You husband is a marketing genius!

  11. Runnerd! I LOVE that! Sounds like something my husband would say! lol

  12. Just wanted to let you know I used your runnerd definition and referenced your blog on my Chicago 10/10/10 race report.


    We're going to get that word into general circulation:)


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