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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Sweat Smell

I was snuggling my 3-year-old at bedtime last night (post-run, pre-shower) when she said,
"I like your sweat smell, Mom."
Maybe there is something wrong with me (or maybe it's because I am a runner), but it made me smile and totally made my day!

Yesterday's four miles turned into three because I got out the door a little later than planned; the sun was going down and it was getting cold ("Mom, my face is freezing"). I have been watching just my mileage lately, so I haven't had any idea what my pace or time has been on my last few runs. I plugged my Garmin into the computer last night and was happy to see that my pace is getting back to where it was pre-injury and pre-children-with-ongoing-sickness. And it was especially nice to see the numbers improve again yesterday in spite of pushing the double jogger.

However, you may have noticed my next scheduled race has disappeared from my upcoming races list. I ran a 4-mile race on Thanksgiving the past two years and was looking forward to seeing my improvement this year. The first year I ran it, four miles was still considered a "long run" and the second year I just had a baby and had only been back to running for about two months. Even with a full year of good running behind me, I have decided to skip it this year. I don't feel prepared to run it. I can run four miles next Thursday morning on my own and save myself the money, time and likely disappointment that would result. (They have race day sign-up so I can always change my mind...)


  1. "Sweat smell"... that is so cute! Our sweet, loving kids are probably the only ones who can tolerate our "sweat smell".

    Sounds like a good call, foregoing the official Thanksgiving Day race... but then, like you say, you can still change your mind! :)

  2. I think you should still run it, unless the race is totally expensive. The energy at races is fun, reinforces the joy and happiness that you feel while you run. If you go with expectations of just running, having fun and not worrying about time, you'll have a great time.

  3. I love little complilments from the kiddos. We have a wind cover that saves the kiddos, often they are much warmer than we are.

    You are sooo funny... "Race day reg." I will crack up if you end up running it and smoking your past years PR..

  4. Awww you should still run it. Do it as a fundraiser for the cause the race is raising money for!

    How cute is your daughter!

  5. Sweet kiddos!

    You are my hero pushing that double jogger! I only have a single, but, goodness, that is enough for me!

  6. That comment would have made my day too.

    My kids love the wind cover when we run. They always stay toasty!

  7. That is sweet!

    It's always great to discover your pace is improving, when you weren't looking!


  8. I feel the same way! I just told my husband I will do my run around the neighborhood. I will do it next year! Have a great Thanksgiving :-)


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