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Friday, November 13, 2009

If you're happy and you know it...

Mel (Tall Mom on the Run) had a great post on happiness yesterday. It went along perfectly with some of my recent thoughts. On Wednesday night, I read an article on the happiest states in the U.S. When I found out I live in the "happiest state," I posted about it on Facebook. My post was straightforward and had absolutely no underlying sarcasm: "Candice just found out she lives in the happiest U.S. state!"

Maybe it was just my ongoing runner's high, but I thought it was pretty great and was proud to be one of the people adding to the state's happiness. However the responses I got on Facebook were surprisingly not as positive and included two people saying it is also the #1 state for antidepressants.

This was my response at the time:

Wow!!! Interesting reactions. I think the article has some great points: "In these places, residents enjoy their jobs, express deep optimism about future prospects and even manage to stay healthy. Utah earned the highest marks. Here residents reported a high level of satisfaction in several areas, including work environment, emotional health and their local communities."

I love my work environment, am as happy as I have ever been emotionally, and couldn't ask for a better community. But maybe it's just those natural antidepressants (aka runner's high) running through me...

I wish I would have also pointed out that maybe the state is #1 for antidepressants because people here WANT to be happy and will do something about it when they are not, instead of just being resigned to being unhappy.

Who knows how accurate the findings in the article are? I don't really care. It's like Mel said: You have a choice to be happy!

I choose to be happy.


  1. I saw that article, and I was a little surprised to see Utah as #1, but everything I know about Utah is based on broad stereotypes. I found it no surprise though that the majority of the top states have excellent outdoor activities available.

    But, outside of which state you live in, I agree 100% with you that happiness is a choice. That simple realization has dramatically changed my outlook on life.

  2. It is amazing how my life has changed since I came to the realization that I control me and my reactions to things.. HAPPY!!

  3. How cool for you to live in the happiest state! I don't know how someone can determine a level of happiness... but it's still a nice title to hold. As for the anti-depressant factor, you make a great point! I take them because I want to be happy and in control... for myself and for my kids. It's also why I run. :D

  4. That is a really interesting take on the article. I like the idea of choosing to be happy though.

  5. Dang, I was happy and didn't know it...

  6. I needed to read this...right now :)Thank you!!

  7. Great post. You are is a choice to be happy. There are so many things you can put your focus on and if you focus on good, you'll see good and feel better.


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