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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Tomorrow I will be savoring every moment of many of the things I am thankful for with my family, so today I will share some of my gratitude with you. While it is easier to think about all these things around Thanksgiving, I am overwhelmingly grateful for so many of my blessings and gifts every day.

Just some of that things I am thankful for...
  • two healthy beautiful daughters
  • a kind, generous, hard-working husband
  • a warm home and good food
  • amazing parents
  • my Rowdy boy
  • getting to spend Thanksgiving with my awesome little brother and his equally awesome wife
  • my health
  • strong legs
  • sleep
  • music
  • the seasons
  • good books
  • my talents
  • my friends and support system in the blogging world

And since this is a running blog, some of the more running-related things I am thankful for...

  • strong legs (some things are worth repeating)
  • bananas
  • Garmin
  • perfect weather
  • Runner's World
  • the perfect shoes
  • races
  • my friends (you) and support system in the blogging world (what did I say about repeating things???)

Good luck to all those racing tomorrow!

And have a very Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. ohh i love it!! I am such a fan of the gratitude posts, they just give us all a chance to remember how darn lucky we are

  2. And Your Good Friend Tall Mom..I think you forgot that.. LOL!!

    Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving Pretty lady..

    Little Giveaway on the old Blogger, will last until next week if you are super busy. See you on FB.

  3. I love the gratitude posts too! Hope you have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving C! Blessing to you and your own :)

  5. Great post!! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your family!

  6. I am grateful for the Garmin too! I am loving your list :-)

  7. Hey - just a quick question for you. If you wouldn't mind leaving me a comment or sending me an email with the state that you live in for the gift exchange. I am trying to make sure that ppl don't get paired with someone from their own state. Thanks!


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