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Friday, August 7, 2015

Caution: Injured Runner

I have tried to stay positive while being injured. But it isn't always easy. I'll be honest. I am human after all.

I have moments when I get super sad I can't run. Like the other morning. For some reason, I noticed the strap that goes on my handheld water bottle even though it has been sitting in the same (clearly visible) spot since I had to stop running. Just seeing it overwhelmed me with sadness.

And I have days when the positive thoughts just can't win out over the frustration, sadness, anger and discouragement I feel. Yesterday was one of those days.

I made the mistake of getting on social media in the morning. Something I saw triggered my frustration, and it just built from there.

I am frustrated that I have cut my calories quite a bit but feel like my legs they are bigger (and not in a good way from all the weight training).

I get discouraged when strength training doesn't leave me feeling exhausted in the way a good run does. In fact, I actually get a little too excited during each workout when I finally break a sweat. Which is just sad.

I am discouraged because I feel like I will never lose the weight around my midsection that causes me so much frustration. And not being able to do any kind of cardio isn't helping my efforts. So all those who say strength training is the magic key and that you don't even need cardio can just...well just stop saying that. It isn't true.

I am angry that I got injured. I am angry at myself and sometimes even angry at other runners (insert ashamed face emoji here).

I am frustrated because wearing this boot is making other parts of my foot hurt so I feel like it's doing good in some ways but also setting me up for other problems.

So there you have it. Being injured is hard. Staying positive is hard. But like everything else, all I can do is take things one day at a time and TRY. TRY. TRY. to stay positive.


  1. I am so sorry you are going through this. I have had so many injuries and it just plain sucks and sometimes you just gotta get it out. FWIW, I think you look absolutely amazing! I always have. Keep up what you are doing. Do you know how long you have to be in the boot? Hang in there.

  2. Being injured really is The Suck. It never gets easier/you never get used to it either. I can complete understand all these feelings. Seriously though, you still look awesome, but you are more than how awesome you look. I am.grateful you keep it real though. It's normal to have these thoughts and feel this way.

  3. aw I feel your pain! I was diagnosed with a stress fracture a couple of weeks ago (although I think it happened 3 weeks ago when I first started to feel pain but neglected to go to the doctor). I just got the ok to ween myself off of the CAM boot and do things like swimming and stationary bike without much resistance. It has CERTAINLY been tough, but I have found that focusing on other parts of my body has helped me realize weaknesses in other areas that I need to focus on and improve my strength so I don't get injured again. Might be time to breakup with my daily running routine and truly transform my body by doing more strength work. I've always wanted to try boxing, so I guess this might be my que ;) Fingers crossed you get good news at the doctor!

  4. I can understand how it feels. Initially everyone facing the same thing but later on you will get habitual.Concentrate on running techniques which is necessary to learn for run along with few product like Arm Swing Trainer ,Stride Trainer to maintain your body formation. Hope with the use of proper technique and products you will not injured. Thanks !


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