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Friday, August 14, 2015

Some things are just no-brainers

The only injury related thing I'll include in this post is that I find out today if I can stop wearing "the boot" and what the plan is moving forward as far as doing exercise, besides strength training. Fingers crossed!

Now on to more interesting things. At least to me.

My girls start school on Tuesday. Because they wear uniforms, their backpack choice is very important each year. This year, their choices couldn't reflect their personalities more:

I have been trying to really push myself with each workout lately. This one was really tough in the best way:

I am super excited about The Peanuts Movie coming out later this year. I might have to add these to my wardrobe:

I love fruit. Give me fruit over veggies any day. And for some reason, when you combine some of my favorites into a fruit salad, everything tastes even better:

Some weeks just call for froyo. This has been one of those weeks. Knowing Yogurtland has a Salted Caramel Gelato flavor right now made it a no-brainer:

Since strength training has been my thing lately, being part of Skinny Mom's Free Weights Challenge was also a no-brained. You should join us! The ab exercises from last week's Wednesday workout made my obliques sore for days afterward:


  1. One of my most prized possessions -- that I almost killed my ex when I thought was lost on my last move -- is an old Peanuts blanket ;)

  2. 9.99 for that shirt? Ya. I think you need that! Jusy as much as I need that fro yo. Maybe one treat would be okay??? But then watch me go tomorrow and they won't have salted caramel or pb...and then you watch the news that night about how some crazy woman went without sugar, decided she wanted sugar and they didn't have the sugar she went on a rampage all throughout UC. Hey. It could happen.

    When do you go back to the dr again? Assuming they will continue to reevaluate your situation and hopefully allow you to do more each time.

    We got our kids new backpacks last year and spent some money getting them ones they could also use hiking. Let's hope I don't have to buy them new ones for a while #lazymom


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