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Monday, November 3, 2014

Walking the line between hardcore and stupid

Running: There's a fine line between hardcore and stupid. I walked that line during my run on Saturday. I knew going into it that it would be a challenge because of the wind. Those 43 mph gusts are no joke.


But when it started to rain and I actually wondered if I would have welts from where it was hitting my face, I started to question my sanity a little. But did I turn around and take the short way back to my car and cut it short? Of course not. Luckily it didn't start hailing until I was less than a quarter mile from my car.

Family: I kind of love this little person, who dressed up as Sleeping Beauty (aka Aurora) for school on Halloween because her costume had to be curriculum based and Sleeping Beauty was on the list of options.


XI helped at her Halloween party because I missed being able to go on two field trips while I was subbing for the PE teacher. Grace was a little bummed, but I subbed her class last week so she wasn't too mad at me.


And this is what happens when one of your kids is more gung-ho than the other when trick-or-treating.

Life: I got all the Halloween decorations put back in their bins today and took them to storage. When we were getting the Christmas decorations out of the attic last night, Grace commented that she thought we had a lot of Halloween decorations...


...until she remembered how many Christmas decorations we have. Four bins and two small boxes for Halloween. Eighteen bins (including two extra large ones), four boxes, a tin and seven bags of garland and wreaths. That's not including the three Christmas trees of varying sizes not pictured.


And all this because...



  1. I ran in that wind as well. We live on the west bench of salt lake, and so our neighborhood is full of hills. My second mile found me running uphill, face in the wind. Every time I exhaled, it was accompanied by a whispered "This is stupid, this is stupid..." but fortunately, I didn't get the rain. Good job (?) on sticking it out.

  2. Holy crap that is a lot of decorations. I want to come see it when it is all done. I will bring hot chocolate and bask in its beauty and all your hard work ;)


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