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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

If only I didn't like cookies so much

By 3 pm yesterday, I had consumed about 2400 calories. More than my total daily goal. And I hadn't worked out. I was uncomfortably full, beating myself up for eating so much and most of it crap, and half heartedly debating starving myself for the next few days to make up for it. I wanted to lay around on the couch and watch TV with my girls. Grace was home sick, so they had the rare opportunity to watch TV on a weekday. Why not join them?!?

Then I forced myself to go upstairs and put on my workout clothes. If I was wearing them, maybe I would eventually be motivated to make them worth my while.

And I will admit, I had some unhealthy thoughts about some "quick fixes" for my unwanted extra weight and my obvious lack of self-control when it comes to food. But then I talked myself sensible and went for a run.

It didn't burn off the extra calories I ate yesterday. It would have taken much more than five miles to do that. But five miles is what I had planned for the day and running more would only risk injury and wouldn't counter the crappy things I ate. Only long term changes can do that.

So I started today fresh. I focused on eating better and doing things to resist temptation when it creeps up on me, like:

  • drinking lots of water
  • having healthy snacks with me at all times so I don't get so hungry that I eat half the Taco Bell menu
  • allowing myself a treat after meals to satisfy my sweet tooth
  • deciding ahead of time what that treat will be so I don't end up eating two GIANT cookies
  • eating enough at meals and having snacks so I never get so hungry that I'll eat anything within my reach


Being healthy is something that takes work. It is much easier to make unhealthy choices. So I have realized that I must focus on my health one day at a time. Some things become habit, but there will always be temptation. So I'll wake up again tomorrow and focus on what I can do for me, to be healthy mentally and physically. And when I go to bed tonight, tomorrow night, the next night, and every night after that, I will leave the day behind me and focus on doing my best tomorrow.

And by the way...




  1. I have a very sweet tooth and eat lots of cookies, cake, chocolate and ice cream. Luckily I am a very dedicated runner as I don't know what I would have looked like if I didn't run.

  2. You are so much like me it is frightening. I do the same thing. If i eat poorly, i immediately think things like all the exercises i will do that day or the next or how i wont eat another treat for thd next 5yrs. But in so doing, i set myself up for failure. Of course i eat a treat, then i am mad i didnt follow through with my expectations and i keep eating because i promise myself i will start the NEXT day. And repeat. I have been doing better with this lately and realizing it is almost better if i never set goals. Lol. If i neved tell myself no treats today or i can only have one because i never beat myself and binge as a result. These are things ross does not comprehend and something i am sure i will have to work on each day, like you said at the end of your post. Sigh.


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