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Friday, November 7, 2014

Celebrating Saturday and Mexican Food

Running: Yesterday I headed out for five miles. I was feeling a little dizzy and lightheaded when I began, but the feeling just got worse and worse. And my legs began to feel like jello. So I headed home, finishing at three miles, afraid if I tried to push to five, I would end up passing out or having to walk home. Making decisions like that is tough, but I knew it was the right call.

I have no idea what caused me to feel that way because I had eaten breakfast before my run, which might normally cause me to feel like that. The feeling lasted all day, which made it hard to focus on everyday things, like making dinner and helping my girls with their homework. But luckily I'm feeling mostly normal today.

Luckily it worked out that today is a rest day, and tomorrow I will get in a longer run. Hopefully I will feel back to 100%.


Family: Tomorrow will be Scott's first Saturday off in several months. We're all pretty happy about it. And if Grace has her way, we will celebrate by Christmas shopping.


Life: I need to branch out on my photo efforts. Apparently all I ever think to take pictures of is food. Like this salad, which was absolutely delicious. But even better was the company surrounding me while I ate it. Five of the best ladies around let me tag along when they met for lunch at Wild Zucchini yesterday.


And this actually isn't just a cookie. It is love in the form of a cookie. Scott brought this home to me after work the other night. He just gets me.


And I'm loving Pinterest lately. Two of our meals this week have been hanging out on my Food and Recipes Pinterest board, just waiting to be made. And they both turned out amazing. This, however, isn't actually my picture of the Wisconsin Cauliflower Soup I made because I was too busy eating to be bothered with taking a picture.


But this is a picture of my actual Baked Chicken Chimichanga. And it too was amazing. I love Mexican food, and chimichangas are one of my favorites. This more than lived up to expectations.



What is your favorite Mexican dish?

When do you start Christmas shopping?


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