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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Speaking (and other stuff)

So I'm easing back into running. I got in 10 minutes last Thursday. Grace ran with me the whole time, and I kept having to tell her to slow down. Ellie and Scott came along on their bike and scooter, respectively. Then I celebrated my birthday and my gradual return to running on Saturday with 15 minutes on the treadmill.

When this is your view, you don't mind running on a treadmill.

Add that to the the fact that the view was the result of my friends (and hubby) surprising me with a girl's overnighter for my birthday, and the result was a pretty great run!

Monday's 17 1/2 minutes were a little harder because my stomach was rebelling after ALL. THE FOOD. Apparently for me, a birthday means I eat everything in sight. Which included my two friends and I polishing off a carton of ice cream and all but a few bites of a mini (because that designation makes it not quite as bad) cake. 

That's actually one of the things I love about Megan and Janae though. They eat like real people. And never judge the fact that I can out-eat just about anyone.

Speaking of food, here was my Costco haul earlier today. Most of these are pretty typical things I buy at Costco:

Rotisserie chicken: ALWAYS.

Eggs: Because we go through at least a dozen every week.

Cottage cheese: When you eat as much as we do, you buy it at Costco.

Cashews: Because they are the king of the nuts.

Yogurt dip: Trying to eat more veggies is easier with dip. And this one is yummy!

Raspberries: Because my girls love them.

Pomegranate arils: Tis the season. Love them in my yogurt and salad. And I extra love that there is no work involved in getting them out of the pomegranate.

Salad: No salad I make at home ever tastes quite as good as what I order at a restaurant, so this is the next best thing.

Sliced turkey breast: Trying something new. I love how thick the slices are.

Cheese: Because we are almost out of cheddar.

Also speaking of food, I have been trying lots of new recipes I've found on Pinterest lately. Like this one that everyone at our house gave a thumbs up last night. And speaking of Pinterest, HERE is how I made it my friend.

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  1. I like to spread the spicy avocado hummus on the turkey, roll it up and eat it. Yep. I eat like 3 of those with a side of fruits or veggies for lunch sometimes because I am THAT lazy (it is the quickest lunch ever). I love those pomegranate arils (please see my aforementioned laziness). I need to try that jalapeno dip. It sounds good. I mean it is not Tillamook smores ice cream, but you know ;)


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