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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Keepin' it real with my "chubbies"

I've never done a #WIAW (what I ate Wednesday) on Instagram because I'm pretty sure no one cares what I ate today. In fact, it might frighten some people, and I like to steer clear of things that scare people away.

However, I will tell you:

What I Read: On the plane trip to Boston, I read The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry. The fact that I read it cover to cover instead of even attempting to sleep after getting only about three hours of sleep is a pretty good indication that it was a page turner.

What I Listened To: For some reason, this song made me really start to cry while I was running Boston. So of course I kept playing it over and over. I didn't, however, keep crying. Just the first time.

What I Was Told: Ellie came in while I was putting my running clothes on the other morning. I didn't have a shirt on yet, just my shorts and sports bra. She came over and poked my fat roll and said, "I can see your chubbies." Nothing like having someone point out my biggest physical insecurity to start the day. You can count on a 6-year-old to keep it real. You can thank me later for refraining from posting a picture of my chubbies.

What I Wore: A few weeks before I went to Boston, my left lower leg started to ache, so I began wearing my new pair of SLS3 butterfly compression sleeves. They made my leg feel so much better leading up to the race and then were like putting on little leg hugs after the marathon.

I have been wearing them all week, and I love the versatility of the sleeves because I can wear them under pants and it doesn't matter what shoes I'm wearing. It's almost sad when I cover them up though because they are so cute!

Because my leg was still talking to me a little on my 4 mile run/walk yesterday, I will be wearing them during my runs for the next little while. But I might need to get them in additional colors so I can be #runmatchy!

You can find more about SLS3 HERE. And you can get 40% off butterfly compression sleeves or socks like mine (or whatever else you love from SLS3) by using the code Candice40 at checkout! You can also win a pair of compression sleeves or socks of your choice. Check back here for giveaway details on Friday!!


  1. Remember how you were traveling to Boston for like 15 hours!?!? I need to read that book. Also, Ellie must have been having a hallucination. Love you WAYYYYYY more than I love donuts.

  2. I love to wear my compression sleeves--both when I run and after (P.S. they can also help keep you extra warm in the winter months when you wear them under your normal cloths). That is a cute story about Ellie (but you don't have any chubbies). Kids have no filters which is both good and bad, right?! The thing that strikes me most is they will just make a statement and to them it's just facts and there is no judgment attached to it. I kind of wish I could see my body more that way--it is what it is and it has no reflection on me as a person. Have a great day and hope you feel better very soon!

  3. Kids are great! My daughter likes to squish the loose belly skin I have and talk about how weird it is.

  4. Those compression socks sound super comfy! I'm going to have to check into that book, too! Thanks for the recommendation!


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