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Monday, April 13, 2015

I'm tired.

I'm tired.

Spring break + extra kiddos = a very messed up sleep schedule. It's taking its toll on all of us. I made Ellie take a nap one of the mornings because she was so tired she had a meltdown because her pancakes wouldn't stay on her fork. It took less than a minute after she crawled into my bed at 10 am for her to fall asleep. Deep breathing kind of asleep.

With a marathon one week from today, my focus for the next week will most definitely be on getting lots of sleep. On Friday, I'll be on a plane to Boston. Once there, I will do my best to get enough sleep, especially since I always have a hard time sleeping the night before a race.

When I'm worried about or interested in something, I read everything I can to find out and learn more about that thing. A few races ago, I wanted to find out how my sleep was affecting my running. This is one great article that helped calm my fears about lack of sleep the night before a race but also reminded me that lack of sleep over time can be very detrimental to my training and my life in general. My family can also testify to the affect it has on my life when I'm not getting enough sleep.

So I'll try to make sure I step off the plane in Boston well-rested.

No matter how sleep deprived I get though, I can always find the humor in some things. Like these...


Bathing suit season is quickly approaching. Sigh.

More #truth

Seriously science.

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  1. The 'How to get a woman mad' one is my favorite. It is so true. Though sometimes I am mad even when I see it ;) I hope you have been catching up on sleep. I think it is JUST as good of a goal as your fro yo one...and that is saying something.

    t minus 4 hours, yo!!


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