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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Internet: All the entertainment. All the time.

Life: The Internet can be a great place to get inspired, but sometimes the negative stuff out there cancels out the inspiration. The one thing the Internet is consistently good for though is a little entertainment. Here are 9 things that entertained (and some that also inspired) me on the Internet today:

You can bet I'll be showing this to my Ellie Bean. And remembering it myself. Someday I WILL be a unicorn!

We're keeping the dysfunction to a minimum this year, spending Thanksgiving at my aunt's house with just a few other relatives along for the fun. Can't wait!

Well played.

Oh so true. And sad that sometimes I wish I had that ability.

Ouch. #truth

Actually it is funny. Very funny. Unless she's your mom.

Proof that women just get better with age. Yes, that's what I took from this.

Yes. Just yes. You are responsible for you.
(Edited for potential underage readers, like my incredible 8-year-old, who still thinks I'm cool and likes to read my blog. And for everyone else because there's enough vulgarity and profanity in the world already.)

So what are you waiting for?


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