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Monday, November 19, 2012

Color me a runner? Mud not included.

I'm starting to feel like I'm the only runner out there who hasn't done a Dirty Dash/Mud Run or a Color Run. And I feel like I may be banned from the running community for admitting that I have no desire to run either type of race.

Here's my why.

As far as crawling through mud and jumping over and around obstacles...I could do it. But I don't really love being covered in mud. And more importantly, I worry about getting injured. Twisting an ankle. Tweaking a knee. Breaking my tailbone. Just not worth the risk in my book. It would mean no running. Have I mentioned I love running?

Then there's getting chalk or whatever it is thrown at me while I run. In general, I don't like having things thrown at me. I don't think I'd love being covered in it either. While I'm sweating. Ewww. And I typically prefer fresh air while running.

That's just my two cents on this lovely Monday afternoon.

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  1. Thank you! I've been feeling like I'm so out of the loop for not wanting to do a Dirty Dash...and it's totally do to the fear of injury. Been there, haven't been able to run, and it completely sucked (for everyone - let's just say Mama was a little grumpy.)
    Cheers to regular, good old running!

  2. I am right there with you! I hate being dirty and I don't see any fun in trying to run through water and mud all the while trying not to break my neck. I know those color runs don't include dirt but it still grosses me out. Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one!

  3. So on board with this post!! I know several people who have broken bones or been otherwise injured from those silly warrior races. NO thank you!

  4. I get to do a mud run daily, because the dirt track that leads to my kids' school is, well, dirty.

  5. I'm completely with you. I haven't done any of these races either and have no desire to. They don't even seem like real races anyway, just recipes for disaster.

  6. I haven't done a mud type run yet buy many of the trail races I do are just as bad with mud and dirt. We don't have the color races here in SA. Or I should say we don't have colour races :)

  7. You are not alone. I have no desire to intentionally run in mud. Rain - yes. Mud - no.

  8. Oh girl - amen and amen. I have NO desire at all to do these races. I hear so many stories of people getting injured and I would be so upset if I got injured and couldn't train and run. Plus I am always cold and hate it, so trudging through freezing cold water and mud sounds like misery. And yeah - the color "run". Ick. I love that these races get people out who wouldn't normally get out and do a race, so I think that aspect is great, they just aren't for me. :)

  9. Yea, I could have written this whole post verbatim! I agree! Maybe because I've ran forever, and the main thing I like to achieve in races are PRs and good times. I don't have much desire to do a color run, mud run, or other themed run.

    Though one run that actually sounds interesting to me is the Urbanathlon. They have them in varying cities around the country. It is 10 miles of running, mixed in with various obstacles - but the obstacles seem normal to me, nothing that is too insane (running on tires, over barricades, stair climb, etc). I probably would have to train more upper body to do the race, but this one intrigues me more than any other race out there (besides just true running races)

  10. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't want to do one of these "fad" races. I don't mind the mud, but I'm going to be running through it on a trail, not crawling through it and calling it a race.

  11. I'm so with you on both counts. No need to get all muddy... or whatever while running.


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