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Monday, June 21, 2010

Running with Facebook

My hubby is not a fan of Facebook. He doesn't have a FB account or page. Really the only appreciation he has for it is the entertainment it provides as he reads through the posts of my "friends." And trust me, there is some true entertainment to be had.

The longer I have been on Facebook, the less I post randomness from my life on there. I do post on my I Have Run page, but the last time I posted on my profile page was May 13, when I passed along something The Princess shared with me while shopping at Costco: The employee lockers at Costco are where the employees keep "an extra pair of clothes in case they pee their pants."

The other day, I asked the hubby if he wanted me to leave my Facebook open so he could get his fill of entertainment, but he said no and pointed out that it is mostly just running stuff lately. As I pulled up Facebook today, I realized how true that is. Here's what I found:

Among the running stuff, there were pics of people doing summer things, birthday wishes to a cousin, talk of vacations, swimming lesson updates, pics of naked babies in the bathtub, and some soccer shout outs. But the things that really caught my eye were the running things.

I guess you know you are a runner when your Facebook is being taken over by all the running things you follow/like.

RUN: So remember when I said I was going to try getting up early to do my runs in the morning this week? I kind of forgot about that until I was driving home from the aquarium and it was past nap time and I knew I wouldn't get a run in during naps because The Bean was already taking hers in the car. So if my run doesn't happen tonight, I'm going to try that early morning running thing tomorrow. For real.


  1. I set up a fake Facebok profile for the express purpose of following breweries and running sites.

  2. I rarely post on FB anymore...and if I do, it's always running related. It's amazing how many comments you'll get for a running post vs. a non-running post. Ha.

  3. The reason I made the Fan Page is so I could stop droning on and on about running to my family and friends and have it go out to people that truly appreciated it! LOL! :) Great post today! :)

  4. Are you sure you didn't hack into my Facebook account?

    I agree 100% with Morgan, but I still think the people in my life are fed up with all the running statuses!

  5. I'm so with you...not much posting these days, but lots of reading of stuff running related.

  6. My favorite part about Facebook is situations like my friend:
    She broke her pinky in her car door.

    The reaction and outpouring of support made you think she was a victim of the Haitian earthquakes.

  7. my FB is covered with running stuff, I love it! :)

  8. I don't post much there anymore, either. I prefer the running posts, but lately most of the ones I have read is the quote about sliding into death with a coke in one hand, chocolate in the other and a used up body. What? How can that be inspirational?


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