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Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Final Countdown

Hello!! How are you?? I mean really, how are you? Unless we are Facebook or real world friends, I have no idea how most of you have been the past week or so. The new 550 items in my Google Reader are proof. However, my lack of attention does not mean I don't love you. I have just been busy making memories. Yet the holidays are winding down, so my mind has been zeroing in on the year ahead, especially when it comes to my running.

With 2010 just hours away, I decided to put my goals in writing. And what better place to solidify my running goals than here?

2010 Running Goals
  • Run 1,000 miles
  • Run a 4:30 marathon
  • Set new 5K and 10K PRs
  • Update my running blog at least twice a week

The key to checking each item off my list is smaller weekly goals; I also think success will be more likely if I make myself accountable on here. If I feel like I have someone (you) checking up on me, I am much more motivated.

My first weekly goal is to get a run in tomorrow. I can't think of a better way to start the new year and to start off on the right track to reaching my goals.

So what are your goals (running or otherwise) for 2010?


  1. I will help keep you accountable! Here's to a great year!

    Stop by my blog by Jan 6th for a great giveaway from One More Mile. It is a great one!

  2. Have a great run tomorrow! What a great way to start the new year!

  3. My goals are to keep running marathons, do at least one tri and stay injury free.

  4. I will keep you accountable on FB and HERE! Twice weekly come on Barbie, must you make me wait.

    Those are truly great goals. I fyou didn't already sign up I am adding you to my 1,000+++ club..

    Hugs and happy New Year..

    I ran 5.7 miles today to reach 1,033 for the year..

  5. 4:30 Marathon - you can do it!

  6. Hope your New Years Run goes well. What better way to start the New Year?

  7. Accountability.... that's why I started my running blog! Great goals!

  8. Great resolutions!

  9. My goals are to run 1010 miles, BQ, break my 5K PR and smile more.


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