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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

20 Miles or Bust!!

I figure if I put it on here, I might feel more pressure to make it happen. Tonight I am finally going to get my 20 mile run DONE! It was planned for Sunday night, but it wasn't going to happen after an ER visit for my baby and lots of much needed cuddle time (for both baby and Mommy) when we finally got home! Then yesterday I was tired from a late and long night and fought a headache all day, so I debated the run all afternoon. When the girls went to bed late, my decision was finally made. I really didn't want to finish running around midnight. So tonight it is!


  1. Hope your baby is okay, sorry to hear about the ER trip, I know those can be very stressful and I am sure you needed the rest after that!
    I am rooting for you on your 20 miles and so VERY impressed, you go girl! Let us know how it goes!! I know you can do it!!
    BTW, love the new profile picture...

  2. Good luck on your 20 miler!! You are going to do great :) I hope everything is okay with your baby girl... I'll send up a prayer for you guys!

  3. Yes, go Candice, I know you can do it!!

  4. OK wait are you going to BREAK the Dreadmill this time. You go lady!! Rooting you on from Sea-Town..

  5. GOOD LUCK!!!!! I can't wait to read the recap! I haven't ever tried a late night run. How do you see? Man I bit it and fell down running in the broad day light last week!

    Hope the baby is doing ok! ER visits are not good! So sorry to hear that!


  6. Good luck with the 20 miler. Hope your baby is OK!!!

  7. Hope everythings ok. Did you somehow manage to get the 20 miles in last night?

  8. Good luck!!!! Make sure you give us a recap! You're going to do great!


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