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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I went for a run today. In spite of still having a sinus infection that makes my teeth hurt like crazy and an ear infection dulling my hearing, I headed out the door while the girls were busy learning at school. I figure I need to get a few runs in before I attempt this:
For the record, I am running the half instead of the full. I am in no shape to run 26.2 miles right now. But the one good thing that came out of forced rest was a hip that feels like it's finally back to normal. And while I am not overly excited about the race, I am excited for the weekend. A little nervous to be without my girls, but excited for a grown-up weekend! And to see some of my favorite people.

Also for the record, I did not run the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving. After being up half the night because my ear ached, I went to Urgent Care instead of to the race. Don't be too jealous. I am now on antibiotics and finally feel like this mess of a cold/sinus infection/ear infection is on its way out.

As far as the title of this post, the change coming my way is that I have taken a full-time editing job. I will be working from home, but it will take some time to get into a new routine and schedule. So please be patient with me if I am MIA for days at a time on here or don't comment on your blogs as often. I'm going to try to keep up on your lives as much as possible, but I will do a lot of it from my phone and it's a pain in my runnerd booty to leave comments from my phone.

Don't worry too much though. I have some fun things in store for December, including the return of the singing runnerd.

And now to finish off my month of gratitude:

November 24th - Turkey.
November 25th - Christmas movies. And TV specials. Like Prep & Landing. And Happiness is a Warm Blanket, Charlie Brown.
November 26th - My Honda Pilot. Which is good because sometimes I feel like it is like my second home.
November 27th - Dr. Pepper. Sad but true.
November 28th - Doctors and veterinarians. I like people who can make my little family and me feel better when we don't feel our best.
November 29th -Pumpkin pie shakes. I might even be more thankful for these than for actual pumpkin pie.
November 30th (a day early) - Millie. I couldn't go all month without being grateful for Millie. Even if she is has spent more time as a place to hang clothes the past week than as my running buddy, I still love her.

What are you most thankful for today?


  1. Smart move listening to your body and going for the 1/ will be WAY more fun to enjoy vegas that way...especially with that crazy 4:30 cut off time!

  2. Congrats on your new position! Just enjoy your weekend and have fun with the race. :)

  3. You are feeling about the same as I felt for my Disney Half a few months ago. Good luck and feel better soon!!

  4. This world definitely needs more editors. Thank you.

    However, the world needs fewer sinus/ear infections, so do get better soon.

    Have a great run in Vegas, very cool opportunity.

    And today I'm thankful for LEGOs.

  5. Yay for a new job!!! Congratulations!

    I'm so jealous you're doing the strip at night! Have tons of fun.

  6. congrats on your job! i cant wait to see you! so happy you are still going to be running the strip in Vegas :)

  7. Most often change is the best thing ever. All the best with the job! Hope you are feeling better already. Today I am thankful for my health.

  8. Good luck with it all. And good luck in Vegas--have a blast w/ all those fun bloggers! Jealous.

  9. I know that everyone names "family," but I really am so thankful for mine!

  10. Good for you for embracing change. I am excited about your new job. It sounds perfect for you. :)

  11. hope the hips stays feeling well and you get to meet up with a few fantastic people for a fun night of running!


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