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Turkey Trotting, Toilets, and Three-Year-Olds

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! I can't believe it is already here. And because I don't have a turkey defrosting or rolls raising, it doesn't feel like tomorrow is Thanksgiving. We are spending tomorrow at family's, so I don't have much to do today. There is a pumpkin pie in the oven though, because we need to come home to some kind of Thanksgiving "leftovers."

What have I been doing lately, since planning and executing Thanksgiving dinner obviously hasn't been keeping me away?

Well I made this last week. My first wedding cake. And I delivered it and spent a day at the wedding and reception. Hard to believe my beautiful cousin is married.

Making the cake was stressful but fun. And it was easier than running a marathon. Or at least I only said "I will never do this again" once. I said those same words dozens of times during and after my last marathon. I can also tell you that I now know wedding cakes are worth every penny of what they cost.

And I have been sick. Yes, still. I think I am finally on the other side of things. I still have my "sexy" deep raspy voice (one of the mom's at The Princess's school said my voice is sexy, so I'm going with it) and sound like I am going to cough up a lung. But I have my energy back. Just wish me luck that I don't, in fact, cough up a lung during tomorrow's Turkey Trot. I'm just hoping my lungs operate at a near-normal level and that I don't have my all-time slowest race tomorrow. No matter what though, I'll have fun.

And now to get caught up on my gratitude for the month. I am grateful for:

November 10th - Toilets.
November 11th - Toilet brushes. So I don't have to stick my hand in there.
November 12th - Zooey Deschanel. New Girl. Elf. A Very She & Him Christmas. Zooey rocks.
November 13th - Sunglasses.
November 14th - My girls playing happily together. When my Bean is smacking The Princess on the side of the head with a Christmas book, not as much.
November 15th - Cell phones. How did we ever live without them?
November 16th - My Bosch mixer. Forget Kitchen Aid. Bosch is where it's at!
November 17th - The Internet. How did we find out anything before the Internet? And computers. I can't remember life before computers. And yes, I was alive before everyone had a computer at home.
November 18th - My dishwasher. Seriously. I am so grateful for my dishwasher!
November 19th - Weddings. Congrats M & B!!
November 20th - Pumpkin pie. And whipped cream. November 21st - Books. Sometimes I wish I didn't love them so much. Or at least had more time to read them and more places to put them.
November 22nd - My sister. Happy Birthday!!
November 23rd - Three-year-olds who can sing O Holy Night. We are on round two of little people who know all the words to and can sing O Holy Night. And they sing it everywhere. Old(er) people at the grocery store LOVE hearing tiny people sing such a big person song.

Good luck to everyone trotting tomorrow. And HAPPY THANKSGIVING!


  1. Candice!! Are you doing the Turket Trot in AF?? I so hope so because I feel like a complete loner doing it all by myself.

    You wedding cake looks AMAZING and that pumpkin pie is making me drool a little.

  2. hang on, you MADE that cake? That is amazing! Holy crap, I'm impressed!

    I hope you're feeling better for the race tomorrow! Good luck.

  3. Those are some serious cake making skills. That looks like "Cake Boss" level cake making, right there!!! (my kids have been watching too much Cars 2 and TLC lately.)

  4. Beautiful cake, awesome job! I love Zoey too my husband thinks I'm crazy. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Happy Thanksgiving! You did a wonderful job with the cake. It looks great and I'm sure tasted amazing!

    I love Zoey too! Great actress and I love when she sang in Elf!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you to! I am thankful for anything that allows my to not stick my hand in a toilet too!

  7. Happy Thanksgiving.
    Hope you feel good do the turkey trot.
    That pumpkin pie looks delicious, I am going to google a recipe.

  8. Wow! You made that gorgeous cake? I'm so impressed! Love your list of what you're thankful for!

  9. Love the thankful..and what an amazing cake! I am zero baking skills...

  10. For someone who's made it's first wedding cake, that looks awesome! Good job!


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