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Monday, March 14, 2011

Someone Slap Me

The other day, someone asked me if I am a runner. I replied yes, and then said, "I know I don't look like a runner."

Ummmm, what? As soon as the words were out of my mouth, I wanted someone to slap me. And I am not one for violence. In fact, our house is a no spanking, no slapping, no hitting zone.

I don't have abs like Shalane Flanagan's, a booty like Kara Goucher's or legs like Paula Radcliffe's. Because of running, I do have a smaller booty, sweet definition in my legs and am working on the abs. But what really matters is I am blessed with a strong, healthy body that allows me to be a runner.

And for the record, I do look like a runner. If you've spent much time wandering around the running blogosphere or have lined up next to hundreds (or thousands) of runners at the starting line of a race, you've seen proof that I look like a runner. And you look like a runner.

So if those words ever come out of my mouth again, someone please slap me. And if I ever hear one of you say you don't look like a runner, watch out!

Shalane Flanagan & Kara Goucher
Photo Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE


  1. I'm swinging & slapping right now!!

    come. freaking. on.


    say that again.

    you. are. runner. hear. you. run.

  2. those abs scare me anyway. we totally look like runners!

  3. You are awesome. Great post. And for the record, I think you absolutely look like a runner!

  4. Ummm I still remember your pictures from Hawaii. You look like a runner.
    But it's easy to get down on ourselves. I know. But I like how you focussed on the positives like being healthy and strong!

  5. When I look at abs like that I feel sorry for those girls because there's no way they ever get to eat anything unhealthy and delicious. Or, maybe that's what I like to think! : )

  6. I hate that when I tell people I'm a runner they look at me like I'm lying. Just because I'm overweight doesn't mean I can't run farther and longer than these lazy, skinny girls.

  7. You definitely look like a runner and you are right... there is no "one" runner look. There are so many types! I have a blog post tomorrow on a very similar topic... people are too hard on each other and too hard on themselves. You rock! Virtual slap... then virtual hug. :)

  8. Girl, you totally look like a runner!!

  9. Consider yourself slapped!! You are a runner!

  10. Great post! I have to agree with you! Although I wouldn't mind having some abs likes Shalene's.. :)

  11. Those are some pretty awesome abs. :)

    You are a runner. I am a runner. Never underestimate the running girl who is on the heavy side. Or the running senior who has a head full of gray hair trotting around in her slightly osteoporosis-looking back. Both of them have outran before!

  12. I've been passed by enough old heavy people that I know ANYONE can be a runner (or triathlete!) - you just have to be able to get out there and do it!! :D

    Isn't that what's so great about it all? We are one big family and we are all a little different.

  13. So true! Runners come in all shapes and sizes for sure.

  14. Love this entry. I feel like many of us "stereotype" what a runner should be. Fast, thin..etc. etc.. We all have to kick ourselves, slap etc when we do this!!


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