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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Things I Love Thursday - Creative Crosstraining

Monday I tried out the P90X Core Synergistics after a short 3-mile run. When I finished, I wasn't too tired and didn't suspect I would be too sore. I don't know if it is because it works such a large group of muscles, but I just wasn't sure it was going to do its job. I was wrong.

My inner thighs hurt the day after, I didn't even really remember doing much to work them. I felt a little soreness in my glutes during my Tuesday run. And my abs are still a touch sore today, three days later. I think I'm going to be revisiting that P90X workout often.

I didn't end up running yesterday because The Princess had a program at school so I spent my usual running time making myself presentable to be seen in public. Then nap time was spent getting caught up on some work. I will run today though, even if it means I don't get around to cleaning the toilets until midnight.

I did get some crosstraining in already today though. I spent an hour with my girls at Jump On It, a giant warehouse of trampolines. We played tag and crack the egg and took turns doing as many tuck jumps (one of The Princess's gymnastics moves) in a row as we could. We just might have to make this a weekly thing!

What is your favorite type of "creative" crosstraining?


  1. p90x is intense! even the yoga freaks me out, lol. I don't really do any creative cross training, mostly awkward yoga in my livingroom hoping my neighbors don't see through the picture window

  2. What a sweetie!!! Great job on the cross-training. I'd say if you're sore a few days later, it must have been good!

  3. What a cute picture!

    I admit, I used to hate Core Synergistics. I felt like I couldn't keep up with the variety in it. I am now a convert! I love it and am seeing results (read abs!) Plus, it's great because you don't have to do AbRipperX afterward.

    I've just started using the rowing machine at the gym for cross training as well. I'm hooked!

  4. I've never done P90X, but I *have* been on a trampoline and your crosstraining regime ROCKS! What a fun time with your kiddos.

  5. I love jump on it, but I pee my pants to much when I jump. Joys of child birth. Yuck. That picture is adorable.

  6. She is so freaking adorable! I just want to cuddle her to death! You make beautiful babies!!!

  7. Oh my goodness look at her ponytails! She is so cute! BTW I had misplaced my runnerd sticker (under a huge pile of stuff) and finally just found it! Thank goodness. So I'm doing a post on it in a few days. Stay tuned. Thank you again for it.. you're awesome!

  8. I have the same problems Janice does on the trampoline! It's pretty sad when you're not 2 or 80 and feel like you have to wear a diaper just to have a little fun on a trampoline!
    I like riding bikes with my kids or riding on the ripstick for a little extra cross training time.

  9. Playing with Baby counts as cross-training, right?

    P.S. Did you get my email?

  10. There's nothing like jumping with the kids for x-training. Nice pony tail action shot.

    Ya know. It's a shame runnerds employees are not eligible for giveaways, cuz those ink burn sleeves would look great on my skinny arms.

    Have a great birthday day tomorrow. Since the party earned a bullet point, its bound to be well executed (which we'll assume means fun!)

  11. Right now the only cross training i am getting is cleaning toilets. Lol. Danish guests just left! Talk to you soon, F

  12. I enjoy the P90x also...always seems like its easy but not so much the next day! Like your blog I'm new to it!

  13. Jumping on those trampolines has been one of the best sources of entertainment for people who wants to practice their flips and loves the experience of flying high. I remembered a friend who told me a story when she went to a local gym, when she saw a lot of guys who are practicing their parkour skills by leaping from one side to another with the use of their momentum (and a trampoline), in which she was totally amazed.


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