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On the other side of the treadmill

Today I busted out eight miles on the elliptical. Then I worked my legs until they were jello and my abs until I ran out of time.

My at-home cardio options are limited to the stationary bike or the treadmill. And since my 5-minute attempt on the treadmill was a total fail yesterday and resulted in an hour on the bike, I headed to the gym for today's elliptical time. I listened to music but was dripping sweat too much to attempt to read. So besides the music, I kept myself entertained by watching the people running on the treadmills, which were right in front of me. Here are my most profound thoughts from the experience:

  • If you are pregnant and have GIANT hooters as a result, STRAP THOSE THINGS DOWN.

  • Sketchers Shape-Ups on the treadmill = cringe!

  • Standing on the sides of the treadmill to rest while the belt is still moving doesn't mean you actually ran 2.5 miles or 30 minutes when you are finished.

The rest of the runners were pretty mundane. And I wasn't close enough to see the speed, time or incline on the 'mills, so it wasn't as exciting as it could have been.

My other excitement of the day was texting back in forth with my sister-in-law, who has started running. Her first race is Saturday. I can't wait to find out how she does and how she likes it. Good luck Julianna!!


  1. great workout friend! you are amazing! i do hope that hip is healing though! been thinking about you.

    i totally agree about the whole belt moving thing...that drives me crazzyyyyy!

    good luck to your sister-in-law!!!!!!!

  2. Good luck Julianna! Will you help your sister-in-law running the race with her?
    8 miles on the elliptical are a very good job.
    I have the "dreadmill" at home but it is only a memory of the past when I had to recover after the surgeries.

  3. Hahaha, one of the women I run with works at Victoria Secret corporate and I'm always noticing women running who need a consultation. I don't understand how that doesn't hurt like crazy!

  4. People at the gym can provide hours of entertainment! At least you had that, right?

  5. I love gym entertainment! Your observations are awesome. I would add, "you can't count it as a cardio workout if you walk for an hour at 1mph and stand on the sides for half of it."

  6. Good luck to your sister Julianna!

    People watching is either hilarious or sad to me. I either end up laughing to myself or feeling sorry for someone.

  7. Okay that pic is just scary!

    I love to watch people at the gym. They are so entertaining.

    Good luck to Julianna!

  8. I'm sure you'll be able to write a book about all the gym visitors. I suppose there is always someone watching you as well...:)

  9. That pic is outta control! 8 miles on an elliptical, good job, I would have lost my mind!

  10. ha ha love this!! I absolutely love to people watch at the gym. Best entertainment possible.

    Good job on ellipticizing for so long. Man I could never do that!

  11. ...I miss this most about the gym.

  12. There's a dash of injured-anger/bitterness in here, you carry it well.

    I had never considered the treadmill still counting your miles if you're not running. We need smarter treadmills.

  13. This post made me laugh out loud.

    Good luck to your sister in law on her first race!!

  14. How about the people that set the speed too high and then hang on to the treadmill for dear life? Drives me nuts haha

  15. 8 miles on the eliptical is a lot!

    lol, your treadmill observations are hilarious!

    I'm with Amy, if you have to hold onto the sides of the treadmill to keep going, that means you set the speed too fast!

    Also, I see the same person at the gym who hangs onto the top console while she's walking, she needs to either dial down the speed or incline of the treadmill! It is not healthy to have to hold onto the console the whole time.

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