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Lessons from NOT running

Before I start running again (today!), I want to share some things I have learned and the good that has come from being injured and NOT running.

What happens in the kitchen really makes a difference. Have you heard the saying "abs are made in the kitchen"? I now understand where that saying came from. And while I wouldn't claim to have abs (except maybe when I lie flat on my back, flex like it's my business,  and make sure the lighting is just right), getting my nutrition figured out and on the right track has made a difference in how I feel physically. I don't know if anyone else can see a difference, but I can. And that's who I am doing this for, so I'm fine with that.

Strength training can be fun. It is also a great way to feel strong, look leaner, and maintain fitness. I will always love running, but I've definitely found a place in my heart for strength training over the past three months!

Life goes on, even when you aren't running. I survived the weekend I was supposed to be running a marathon, I made it through some tough life events, and I haven't turned into momzilla without my runs to help me through it all.

Real life happens in real life, not on social media. I took a step back from social media when I was first injured because it made me sad and sometimes mad that I was injured and not out there running and racing. But I found it was actually good for me emotionally and mentally. I still love being inspired by everyone and keeping up with their victories, but I've liked having some distance from the not-so-great stuff out there.


  1. I am still a little surprised I haven't killed anyone without running in my life.

    And I think about not being able to out train a bad diet and abs being made in the kitchen at least a dozen times A DAY. You would think it would have sunk in by now or that I would actually have some self control. Alas, it is quite the opposite (as you know)

    So happy you got to run today!

  2. haha. Guess I am signed in under Ross' name

  3. That's wonderful news! I hope your run went GREAT!

  4. So many great thoughts in this post. Happy to see you back in your running shoes though too!

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