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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Adventures in Running

I love being inspired by others, especially when it comes to running and runners.

I'm not talking about being inspired to run a little longer one day because your daughter keeps trying to pull your running shorts up a little higher on your waist because "your bum is showing" but what she thinks is part of your "bum" actually happens to be back fat. I'm talking about the inspiration that comes from people doing amazing things, having the courage to live their dreams. Especially when living their passion helps others live their dreams, meet their goals or just do something they never thought was possible.

I don't know if you remember me talking about my cousin (in-law) last year when he placed in his age group at the Utah Valley Half Marathon, but he is an amazing runner. Whenever we see each other, we talk running of course. A while ago, he mentioned that one of his running partners was moving to Guatemala to set up a running adventure there. I didn't think much about it until I received an email a while ago from a guy named Greg introducing himself and the Mayan Running Adventure.

Sure enough, it happened to be my cousin's friend. And Greg is out there, living his dream. I mean seriously. How could something that involves running as your job not be pretty great?

Greg Jensen is the founder and owner of Mayan Running Adventure. He has been running for over 20 years and decided to share his passion with others, which meant quitting his nine to five corporate job, selling his home and belongings, and moving to Guatemala with his wife Lucy and their four boys. They now live in Panajachel, Guatemala, nestled on the edge of majestic Lake Atitlan.

Here is what Greg says about his Mayan Running Adventure:

Mayan Running Adventure is a week-long, all-inclusive trail running adventure tour based at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. Runners who want to run trails, breathe fresh air and enjoy year-round, spring-like temperatures will love Mayan Running Adventure. Participants run breathtaking trails all week, and we take care of the rest. Along the trail, runners will experience breathtaking scenery and explore the colorful Mayan culture. We include all transportation in Guatemala, deluxe hotels, healthy and delicious meals, a professional massage, kayaking on Lake Atitlan, a forest canopy zip line tour, travel insurance and a book about Lake Atitlan when they sign up. We provide the best on their trip; we do not “rough it.”

Mayan Running Adventure is currently filling spots in the spring 2012 season and is offering a $250 discount off the regular price of $1995. When you register, just let them know you heard about it from Candice at I Have Run to get the discount.

For more information or to register, go to You can also email or call 209-FUN-RUNS or 209-386-7867.


  1. I read about this a while back--seriously such a cool thing! Love to see someone following their dreams.

  2. this sounds so incredible!!! some day when i am a rich psychologist...i MUST do this. thanks for sharing friend :)

  3. Girl.. when are we going? lol. Amazing he dreamt it and now living it. What an accomplishment!

  4. That is so freakin' cool! I want to do that someday!


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