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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Things I Love Thursday - GNO, Healthy Dessert & Sleepovers

Had girls night out with some of my favorites last night. Trust me, you wish you were a fly on the wall during our GNO conversations!

Yoplait Greek is the only Greek yogurt I've found that I actually like. And this flavor is sooo good. It tastes like dessert!

This makes me smile every time I get in the fridge. Princess Grace made an agenda for her sleepover the other night. But my favorite part is her drawing of the sleeping bag!

And I did this workout yesterday. After three rounds, I was dripping sweat!

Do you like Greek yogurt?
Do you ever do HIIT or circuit training workouts?


  1. I haven't tried greek yogurt (except in a smoothie)...I have been hesitant since I don't love regular yogurt. The caramel one looks YUMMY though!

  2. I do hiit occasionally, well I used t anyway;) You would think with how many I have pinned I do them all the time though. Oh my goodness. That sleepover 'to do' list is so awesome. So is that yogurt (i do like greek yogurt, but it has to be 2%. Fat free is nasty) Last night was great. I love us :)

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