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Monday, August 4, 2014

Life begins and ends with food

I'm going to start and end with food. Because everything in life is better with food. I love good food. That's why my friends are cutting sugar out of their diets and doing cleanses while I'm making new recipes and eating so much of them that I practically make myself sick.
#1 - Sesame Noodles, which was of the items I gorged myself on. This was a new recipe, but it is unquestionably a new favorite! The recipe made a huge amount, but every noodle was gone within two days.
#2 - A bowl of beautiful goodness. My lunch on Saturday, which only slightly redeemed myself from my non-stop eating the day before.
#3 - Pineapple BBQ Brisket sandwich from Blue Lemon. So good. Made better by a side of sweet potato fries, which didn't make it into the picture.
#4 - I finally had a yummy salad from Wild Zucchini after craving it the last two weeks! This came with a side of my favorite girlfriends and the best conversation.
There was a little more to my weekend than just food. My Princess Grace had gymnastics after not having lessons for almost a month because her coach has been out of town. She was happy to be back, and I love watching her strong little body do things I can't even imagine trying. She has incredible upper body strength, which she clearly did not get from me.
Saturday afternoon we took the train to Salt Lake City to celebrate accomplishing one of our family goals. We saw the train almost every day on the way to school last year, and every time Ellie, who has always loved them, would ask when we would ride the train. So this was the perfect excuse. We rode the train to downtown SLC and visited Temple Square, which is incredible even when you aren't a tourist, went to dinner and then grabbed some fancy Maverick ice cream on the walk back to the train.
The outing was made even more fun by the addition of our adopted family members, Brooke and Janae. My girls spent half the adventure fighting over who got to push Brooke in the stroller and who got to play with her on the train. It's an understatement to say they adore little Brooke!
Somehow Ellie made it until Sunday night before her tooth finally fell out. It was hanging on by a thread, and every time we ate, we were sure it was going to add a little extra crunch to one of her bites. But she finally wiggled it enough on Sunday until all it took was a little nudge to get it the rest of the way out.

And I need to take up knitting or something because I have way too much time on Sunday afternoons, which usually results in treats. This time it was in the form of Butter Bars and Muddy Buddies.

The first time I had butter bars was at work back in my other life when I was the senior editor of a magazine. Then when I was later working for a marketing firm, we did work for a company that sent out recipes on the back of its real estate postcard ads. Random, I know. But one of the recipes was for butter bars. And the rest is history. So here's the recipe for this delicious sweet buttery gooey dessert that is the furthest thing from healthy but the definition of delicious.


How do you spend your Sunday afternoons?

Which makes your mouth water: sesame noodles, a bowl of fruit, a BBQ beef sandwich or Thai salad?


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