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Friday, August 22, 2014

I got flowers from Bouqs! And ate a grilled cheese.

I went to lunch with a friend today. And I had this, which was more delicious than it looks. Swiss cheese, ham, dill pickles, special sauce, grilled to warm yummy gooey perfection. I called it carb loading for my long run.

I came home from lunch and had to wander around the house to find this little guy:

We used to find him asleep on Princess Grace's bed all the time, but now that she has her own room, she has a different bed that is higher off the ground, so I think he's afraid to jump up without being able to see what he's doing. (For those of you new to the blog, Rowdy doesn't have eyes. We had to have them removed several years ago after he developed cataracts and glaucoma and slowly went blind.)

So since he couldn't get on her bed, he found her blanket on the floor, which wasn't even in her room. What you can't see is that there were several other blankets on the floor, but they were all Ellie's. He is clearly very attached to the Princess, who he sleeps with every night.

I also came home from lunch to this box at my front door. And inside were these:

This is the Hot Lava bouquet. It is my first Bouqs delivery, but won't be my last. The flowers from Bouqs are cut the day they are ordered and delivered 2-4 days later. They have the most incredible selection of so many beautiful bouquets that are only $40 with shipping included. Or you can double the size of the bouquet for just $10 more! And the ordering process is so simple. And everyone loves flowers. It's a no brainer. Order flowers from Bouqs.

And now I'm off to put that grilled cheese to good use with my long run. Happy Friday everyone!

What is your favorite flower? My favorite are tulips, but I also love roses.

What are your favorite grilled cheese additions?

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  1. Sweet little Rowdy! He is the best dog ever! That sandwich sounds favorite is ham and cheese on sourdough. I love roses, tulips and sunflowers! :-)


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