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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust (Pixie dust optional)

Today's run was a complete act of faith and trust. Since returning to running after my stress fracture, I have been so careful about easing back in slowly. I followed a training plan designed specifically for someone coming back after a stress fracture. I took days off when I felt any discomfort in my leg. I have been faithfully doing my leg strengthening exercises, icing my shin after almost every run and taking my calcium valiantly.

Yet once or twice a week, I have a run where my leg aches for part of the time. And even when it feels fine, I spend at least part of every run focused on how my leg feels.

I know achiness is part of the healing process. I know that because of scar tissue and nerve damage and the muscles trying to figure out how to work together while my leg continues to heal, it will have soreness and weakness and aches that my other leg doesn't have. But it's still hard to keep running when there is any discomfort. After months of running in pain, any time I feel anything unusual in my lower right leg, I have a little panic attack.

After it ached my entire run yesterday, I decided to take today off. Then after talking to my husband (aka The Voice of Reason) last night, I decided to have a little faith and trust.

Faith that my leg is healed and my body is strong. Faith that I will be able to continue to listen to my body and know the difference between aches that are a part of the healing process and part of what it takes a body to run strong versus the actual pain I once felt.

Trust in the process, in my plan as I have returned to running. Trust that I am doing the things I should and that my leg is strong enough to run.

So I ran this morning. I felt strong and my leg was happy. My calf felt a little tight. But so did the other one. I will keep running. I will keep listening to my body. I will keep channeling the sweet innocent faith of my girls who both included "mommy's leg" in their prayers last night.
I will keep moving forward. With faith and trust.


  1. Yea! You went back to the normal comment system...that means I can comment more often (the other way was a pain). You can totally do this! You are awesome! :-)

  2. This is a great post for anyone who has been or is currently injured. I am still in a boot from a stress fracture and reading your blog helps me see that I will run again, and that there is a safe way to do it. Where did you find the plan to slowly start running again? I have about 3 weeks to go and hopefully will be cleared to start up again. Would love to have a plan like yours!

    1. I posted my training plan for my return to running a few days ago!! Good luck when you start up again. Let me know if you have any questions as you begin. I'd be happy to help however I can!


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