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Monday, August 11, 2014

A big week in running and living it up in the PC

Last week was a big week in running for me. It marked my first 30+ mileage (32 miles!!) week and my first double digit run (12.5 miles!!) since April/my return to running after my stress fracture.

We spent the weekend in Park city so I got to do my long run on some new trails and in cooler temps. It was a perfect morning, and my team was there exactly when I needed them along the way.

This was the moment I stopped to tell the team captain/official I Have Run photographer/the hubs something and forgot to stop my watch. Although the picture is proof that I didn't forget to stop my music, since that is what I am doing. It must have been a good song since that seemed more important at the time.

Post run called for a recovery/reward swim for the girls (being so supportive is a tough job). I pampered my legs with some time in the hot tub and spent the rest of the time trying to stay awake while the girls swam.

We also did the Alpine Slide during our Park City trip. We haven't done it since the girls were tiny, so neither of them really remembered it.

Grace was a little nervous on the ski lift ride up to the top because she is tall enough that she has to go as a single rider now.
She did great though and is getting more and more brave about things like this, which is huge because she has always been an extra cautious child who has a lot of anxiety about new things.

One of the weekend highlights for me: my first bag of candy corn of the season. Scott and the girls went to a grocery store while I was running to get me some chocolate milk and saw this. Scott knows how much I LOVE it and bought me a bag. What he didn't know was that I had just looked for it a few days earlier while I was grocery shopping but they didn't have it yet. So it was an extra happy surprise!

And the highlight of the weekend for the girls: getting their new backpacks and lunch boxes. They have been anxiously awaiting our annual Park City school shopping trip so they could get these. Now that they wear uniforms to school, their backpacks have become one of their most important back-to-school items!!

Do you have any annual back-to-school traditions?
Do you like candy corn? I love candy corn, but I'm not a big fan of the little candy pumpkins that come in the candy corn fall mix.


  1. We used to get pizza and go to the drive-in!

  2. I used to not like candy corn, but now I do! Especially if it is eaten in combination with peanut m&m's. If you haven't tried it, you need to. (I still don't like the candy pumpkins or the 'Indian' candy corn).

    I love their back packs! I can totally see their style with their choices. Speaking of your girls, is Grace crying in the chair lift picture? Or is the sun in her eyes? You will have to tell her I think she is pretty stellar and brave to go by herself because I don't think I have even done it by myself! lol. (I obviously haven't' been for a while) But my family is going to Park City next weekend so perhaps I will have to channel my inner Grace, be brave and try it then.

    Good job on your run! Pretty much a half marathon like it aint no thang. Yep. I just typed 'thang'. Ross would die if he knew. But seriously. I am so happy that your run went well. You're doing awesome!

    1. It makes me happy that you like candy corn now. I will have to try it with peanut m&m's!

      And I agree about the backpacks. Grace isn't crying. It was just the sun. Let me know what you do in Park City! And if you brave the slide.

      I am extra proud of you for using thang. I won't tell Ross. BTW I can't wait to run with you!!

  3. Love their backpacks and lunchboxes!!! You guys have such fun traditions. We just do the regular back to school shopping for clothes and supplies. We also try to squeeze in a date with the kiddos individually if time allows (depends on hubby's rotation). I like candy corn but I like the pumpkins better!!! haha Maybe I like the pumpkins better cause you would eat all the candy corn and that was what was left for me to eat growing up! ;)


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