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Thursday, June 12, 2014

I love summer! And Isis.

Highlights of my day today...

  • Slept in until 6:30 am. Then the hubs rubbed my back until I forced myself to get out of bed around 7:15. The girls had a sleepover with their cousins, so we had the luxury of sleeping in on a weekday!!
  • Went pool running for 75 minutes. I got out of the pool when it was being bombarded by swim lessons.
  • Hit up Jamba Juice. I've been loving my free smoothies the past few weeks, thanks to Isis and the girl who sold me my phone last month and told me about it!

Yesterday was much more exciting...

  • A short session on the bike. I wore these capris to make it more exciting. Princess Grace hates them. She pretty much hates anything with skulls on it. I'm not usually a fan either, but these capris from Onzie were too hard to resist. They are pink, after all! Onzie also sent me a cute matching bra, which I also wore cycling but it was hiding under my tank. And this cute one-piece, which I still need to try out!!
  • Wednesday is riding lesson day. Ellie Bean is practicing her trotting so she can start to learn jumping. I can't think about it too much or it makes me crazy nervous. But my girl loves it and counts down to her next riding lesson every week. An extra bonus was a horse that just had a cute little filly.
  • Then we hit up the splash pad with some of my favorite people. Have I mentioned I love summer?
  • Then I enjoyed one of these! It's another thing I'm loving lately, for only $0.25, thanks again to Isis. However, choosing a smoothie over a milkshake isn't always easy. Nor does it always happen.
  • Then the girls went to sleep over at their cousins' house, so Scott and I grabbed some dinner at JCW's. I was on an Isis kick and it has a $3 off $5 purchase offer at JCW's right now. I resisted a burger, but I'm not sure this is really much healthier.


Milkshake or smoothie? Turkey sandwich or burger?

What deals have you been taking advantage lately?








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