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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Adventures in pool running

Crazy things happen when you pool run alone.

First there was the usual Wednesday morning water aerobics class, which has it's entertaining factors since the instructor teaches next to the pool instead of in the water. Not so entertaining is the volume at which she insists on playing her music. In the right mood, I love me some La Bamba and Devil Goes Down to Georgia. At 6 am at a deafening volume, not so much.

Then you add the swim team pounding away at the water on the other side of me, with their boomingly loud coach.

I've never been more grateful for my headphones. I bought waterproof headphones when pair after pair of mine kept getting ruined by my sweat when I was running. They have come in handy during this injury!

I love them because they are not only waterproof but are also wireless with the MP3 player built in:

There was other entertainment as well.

Like when the swim coach had words with the aerobics instructor about the level of her music.

Or when a grandma decided to do the backstroke right. next. to. me. Slowly. Suuuuuper slooooowwwwwly. So slowly she was moving my exact. same. pace. The entire length of the deep end.

Or when I was karate chopped in the boob by some guy doing the backstroke. Yep. That happened.

The backstroke was popular today.

Happy National Running Day! Tell me why you run and how you are celebrating so I can run vicariously through you!!


  1. Oh girl, I totally feel your pain. I do not miss the days of aqua slogging at all, but rest assured, when you are cleared to run again the return won't be nearly as hard. Hugs to you!

  2. But you are almost DONE pool running! And then what will happen to all these awesome experiences/stories?? Do those head phones work under water or are they just splash proof? I swam laps today (for like the first time in YEARS) and 55 min is a LONG time without music for me. If they are water proof, I might have to get me some. And are we hanging out sometime this week? Cause we should ;)


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