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Monday, June 16, 2014

A Spectator's View - Utah Valley Marathon Race Report

I have to admit something. I had a party without you. It started Friday and lasted all the way to Saturday morning.
Don't feel too bad about missing out though. Because it was a pity party. I was feeling a little sad about not being able to run the Utah Valley Half on Saturday. After I gave myself a stern little talking to though, the day ended up being pretty spectacular.

I got a little (pool) run in and then headed to the race to experience it from the other side of things. Seeing Janae nearing the finish line overwhelmed me with emotions. I am so proud of how she has handled her injury and how she pushed through to the finish when things got tough!

Another one of the highlights of the day was hanging out with Megan. We adopted her as a sister wife until her husband showed up with their kiddos and claimed her.

Our girls ran the Kids 1K and gave it their all!! They were all excited about the race, although I think most of the excitement was about the medal they got at the end!! They are true runnerds.

Can we just take a second to look at this kid's running form?

So many of my friends ran either the full or the half and it was so fun to see them and hear their different experiences. It was a tough day for a lot of them because of the wind, but there were still some PRs (Heather!) and lots of happy runners.
Now let's talk about how Janae ran a marathon Saturday morning and then insisted on babysitting my girls Saturday night so I could take Scott out for a little Father's Day celebration. She is without a doubt my girls' favorite babysitter. She's kind of my favorite too.
Scott and I went to Porter's Place, a restaurant he has been wanting to try. I had the BBQ steak sandwich and Scott had the chicken fried steak. They we're both good, but not amazing. It was fun to try a new place and the ambiance was worth at least one visit!
 Do your kids like to run?
What is the last restaurant you ate at?


  1. Her form is amazing! But seriously your girls looked adorable. I loved their outfits. It's a toss up if the race was the best part for my kids, the medal or the creamy ;)

    Thanks for adopting me as a sister wife :) I adore your family and I am so glad I had someone there to cheer Janae and our other friends on with...and someone else who understands the ache of not being able to run when everyone else is.

    I just wish I cod have saved you thr trip to Porters Place. Lol. Okay. It is worth going one time, but that is about it. We went to spitz that night after the temple. Mmmmmm. It was so good. Next time you guys should go there...we could even join you. ..and maybe I will consider talking to Scott and ross this time;)

    1. Yes to Spitz!!! And you can be our sister wife anytime!

  2. My kids love to run! We run together once a week. They've done kids runs and a few have done the kids Spartans and mud runs.

    1. I love that you run together every week! What did your kids think of the Spartans?


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