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I puked in my race bag (Glow in the Dark Half Marathon Race Report)

Worst. Race. Ever. At least MY worst race ever. The Glow in the Dark Half is not a race I will repeat. 
First there were the issues with the race itself: a late start; a race official who rambled to the racers for more than five minutes about his credentials and the amazing feat that a marathon is (no one was running a marathon; it was a half and 5K); unorganized to the point that people didn't know they were supposed to be wearing timing chips because they had to be picked up just before the race started; no clear distance markers along the course; aid stations in the dark, which were unmarked and unlit; running in complete darkness, alone, in the middle of nowhere, for long stretches at a time; only pizza and water after the race. 

Then there were my personal issues: stomach cramps the last half of the race; pulling over mid-puke on the way home (luckily the bag that my race bib and stack of race fliers came in was sitting on the passenger's seat); an incredibly sore back around mile 10 (which has never happened before); my Garmin lost signal about two miles in; feeling like we should have been halfway when we were only about 4 miles into the race; personal worst time for a half marathon.

It wasn't ALL bad though. I ran most of the race with Julia! It was one of her last Utah races and one of the last times I'll see her before she moves, so it was fun to see her and run with her. And before the race, Julia and I were interviewed by a writer for the local newspaper. 

I just don't think night races are for me. I don't know if I overdo it physically during the day and can't figure out how to fuel and hydrate in the hours leading up or what exactly the problem is, but even as often as I run in the evening at home, I've had two miserable FAILS at my night races.

I'm just putting this one in the past and moving on because they all can't be great. And if I was going to have a bad one, I'm glad this was it.


  1. Oh yikes! This makes me a little nervous for the Legacy Midnight Race I'm doing in August. I've never run a night race before and I'm a tad bit nervous about running that late. I know what you mean about all races can't be great. The fact that you got to run with Julia definitely made it better :)

  2. I feel the same as Susette (and am coming to Utah for the Legacy race in August). Thanks for your advice about night races!

  3. Aww, I'm so sorry to hear about this, but you seem like you have a really good perspective on it. I'm pretty sure a night race would be a PW for me, too. It would throw off my whole body clock trying to fuel for it.

  4. Oh my gosh, sounds like this was the Half from Hell. I've always loved the legs I run in the middle of the night on the Ragnar Relays, so an overnight Half would really appeal to me.

  5. Sounds pretty hideous. I'm with you about night races - I've only done two and hated both of them. The body seems to work better in the morning. I'm glad you found good use for the race bag.

  6. That sounds so miserable!! I once had a race director keep telling us how amazing he was and delaying the race for like 10 minutes. So ridiculous!

  7. I was seriously considering this race, but then chickened out with training in the heat. I'm glad that I didn't know that you were running it, or I probably would have been there... and probably would have done just as horrible (but probably MORE) as you.
    But I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one that pukes after races.

  8. sorry to hear this! sounds like the race was just an overall disaster. booooo. also makes me nervous for my night marathon next weekend.... eeeeek.

  9. Bummer about the unorganized race. That always puts me in a bad mood and almost always effects my race. I think you are incredibly tough for fighting through all of the stomach problems (that has got to be the worst!) and still finishing. Races like this build strength. Chalk it up as a learning experience and move forward. :)

  10. ahhh! im so sorry to hear you got sick on the way home friend:/ i also hate that it was so miserable for you at the end! i had to laugh at the first paragraph...not because it was funny...but i think i repressed how truly terrible it all was until i read that. eeeeek. yeah. dont do this one again! miss you already! and so glad i got to see you! talk soon:)

  11. Awe that's too bad the race didn't go as well as you hoped. I'm signed up for a 10K night race in the Fall. I hope my night owl ways will make this racing time okay for me.

  12. WOW! that sounds like one hell of a race!!! to me there is nothing worse than a disorganized race. sorry you had issues on top of that!

  13. Yikes.. sounds rough! You made the best out of a funky situation. Nice job and way to stick though it!! Proud of you!

  14. Just stumbled upon your blog by getting stuck in a "Oh, and here's another running blog link" loop.

    Anyway, this post just reminded me about how funny that guy was at the beginning of the race. I was so bugged that we were starting so late - worried that it was going to start raining again - and this guy starts giving us a history lesson on marathons. Then, when he wigged out at the end of his soliloquy and chucked his clipboard on the ground I started looking around for hidden cameras, thinking we must be on some prank tv show.

    I agree though. Worst race ever. And I live in Eagle Mountain, so I've run that route about a kabajillion times. Too hot, too humid, too dark, too eerie.

  15. I just came across your blog thanks to Julia (who I met at the Women Rock Marathon on Labor Day)! This post seemed like what I went through at the end of the Women Rock half that I ran. They gave out champagne at the end and I had one sip and about 30 minutes later on the ride home, I also puked in my bag check bag. Sorry to hear about all of your troubles!


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