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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What Makes a Runner...?

That has pretty much been my philosophy lately. With everything else going on - work, softball practice for the Princess, graduations (preschool and kindergarten), last days of school, field day, piano recitals, a long weekend full of family fun time - running or working out is the one thing I have made a priority. Getting my sweat on helps everything else go more smoothly and helps me be patient when I need a little extra help in that department.

Facebook, the blog, blog reading, Twitter and even my email have been neglected lately. I finally sat down last night to make sure there were no emails that needed immediate attention. As we transition from the school year to summer, I anticipate there will be a lot of shuffling things around as I try to figure out how to make sure we all have a fun summer while I still manage to get my work done every day. The pressure of this has been another reason I've needed my daily runs or P90X or whatever it happens to be for that day.

Every workout helps put a little balance back into my day. I needed some balance yesterday, and my husband could see that when he told me to go for a run just before noon. I told him I was giving my hip an extra rest day, so he suggested I use the elliptical instead. As I slipped my shoes off 35 minutes later, I realized the balance of the day had been restored.

I also realized that for all it did give me, no matter what effort I put into an elliptical workout, a bike ride or P90X Synergystics, I never get the same thing I get from a run. There is no cycling or P90X "high." There's just an extra something that comes from a run. Maybe not everyone feels this way. Maybe some people feel better after going hard on the elliptical for an hour than they would after a 60 minute run.

Maybe that something is what makes a runner.    


  1. You're right, there's something about running that can make the world straighten itself out. There have been times that I've been such a knot of quivering nerves over work or scouts or some such that my wife will tell me that I have to go for a run. (Maybe to get rid of me for an hour) But I always feel better after a run. It's a wonderful thing.

  2. I love this! After a long, stressful day at work, even a quick 30 minute run helps clear out all the junk.

  3. I agree 100%. Nothing can give you that something running does. I find even more when I summit a mountain in a trail race or run. Running is just very special.

  4. Totally with you on this! I am in the same boat--life is crazy in the spring and summer with the kids home will be that much more. But making time for that run makes all the difference!

  5. This is so true! I am really looking forward to a summer of running every day and better structuring my days to get my workouts, work, and play time in.

  6. Running is what brought balance to my life. I am so grateful!!!!!

    So glad you are doing well!!! Are you going to be at Utah Valley Marathon?

  7. great great great post! i totally agree with everything but i really like how you described that sense of balance that a good run brings:)

  8. Amen sister!! My philosophy lately too.. although being sick has sidelined me for FAR LONGER than I ever wanted

  9. I totally agree. Running is the best !

  10. I couldn't agree with you more! Running restores balance, calm and peace to my life like nothing else I have found. I am sidelined for quite some time right now and I don't quite know how I am going to deal with not being able to run yet. It's too soon to tell I guess.

    Reading a post like yours helps me more than you know. It gives me inspiration and hope to know I will run again - in time - and I will find that balance.

    Thank you for giving me some ideas about other forms of exercise too, when I am ready for that.


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