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Tuesday's Sweaty Lesson Learned

Almost all my running bottoms (shorts, skirts, capris, etc.) are black. I never really thought about the fact that black is the main option when shopping for something to cover my bottom half. But today I realized there is a reason most things come in black.

I recognize that a lot of shorts and skirts come in a variety of colors. I even own a red pair and a purplish pair of shorts and a pink skirt. But there is a reason shorts and skirts are the exception.

Take a look at the options for running tights and capris at any running store, and you will have a tough time finding anything other than black. So when I saw these on sale for $25, I was pretty excited to be able to add a new color to the bottom half of my running wardrobe.

(Not my body. I wouldn't wear those shoes to run. Image taken from
Today I found out the reason most running capris and tights are black. I also realized my crotch sweats a lot. It was pretty warm today, so I was pushing it by wearing capris in the first place. But I had on a tank (They have this year's version at Costco!!!! And they are even better than the ones from last year!!!), so I figured I would at least survive since I was only running around five miles.

About three miles into my run, I looked down and was grateful for the long length of my tank. If you looked close enough (which I realize no one should be doing, but that isn't the point), it looked like I peed my pants. I had some serious crotch sweat happening. And I'm sure there was booty sweat to match.

The reason you can get away with shorts and skirts of just about any color is because most of the crotch sweat stays in the liner of the shorts/skirt.

So there you have it. My sweaty lesson learned. However, I love the capris, so sweaty crotch be darned.


  1. ha ha this kind of made my day! I never understood why they always made black either. Doi! Good to know. :)

  2. Too true - I definately stick to black bottoms :)

  3. Way to funny! I too have noticed on warmer days that when I wear my purple capris it definitely looks like I peed myself. Quite embarrassing if I have to run into the store quickly!

  4. Yeah, I learnt tha lesson one summer a while back when someone thought I'd wet myself. It seems that even navy isn't as good as black for we (no pun intended) heavy sweaters.

  5. hahaha! I have some grey tights, but they are definitely winter tights, so I haven't had that problem.

    I have some red and blue compression shorts, but I think my shirts are usually long enough for it to not be embarrassing. So funny, though!

  6. That is too funny! I guess I knew this but never really thought it through!

  7. bahahaha! hysterical! also. this happened to me in real life the other day. i had bright shorts on at the gym. and its that time of the year where its super muggy there. and i was on the bike. so the sweat had no where to drip. so it just pooled. in my crotch. awesome. then i had to walk to the locker room. across the gym. double awesome.

  8. Haha! This literally made me laugh out loud!!! Too funny!!

  9. This post made me laugh! I learned my lesson wearing grey shorts to spin class.... I was really embarrassed to get off my bike and walk across the gym afterwards.

  10. Thank God I'm not the only person this has ever happened to! I mean, I don't wear capri's, but I did have this same thing happen to me with gray shorts. Never again. Black or really dark blue only for me now.
    I posted a picture of the incident on my blog, just so that I would have a constant reminder of what not to wear:

  11. Same thing happened to me - only the short were lime green, and I had added to the "look" by laughing a little too much during a half marathon.
    And then the pictures were posted on Facebook. And I crawled into a dark closet for a few months and swore to only wear black.
    The things you do for a baby, right? :)


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