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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Things I Love Thursday - Running Firsts

First run with just the stroller/scooter girls. We've done this as a family, but the hubs was at work this time. Our favorite little friend from next door came with us, and she's a newbie at the scooter runs, so we took it a little easy. I think our stroller/scooter girl runs will become a regular thing since The Princess is a speedy little thing and can go forever on her scooter. She's the perfect running partner to keep me moving, motivated and challenged!

First trail run with some amazing gals. I ran my first real trail run on Tuesday evening, and I couldn't have had better company. I will say I'm not totally sold on trails, but it was fun. I just have a hard time seeing my pace at the end of the run. However, I can see how trail running would make me a stronger runner. So I might have to give it a few more tries before I come to a final verdict.

I was really nervous about the run, and not just because it was my first trail. Janice finished a 50-mile ultra 10 days before this run (she's amazing), Frances runs trails like a pro and is the Active Bands queen, and Julia is kicking running's booty these days. So I was a little nervous. but for no reason. They are awesome!! If I could run with these three every time, it would be a no-brainer.

Julia, Me, Frances & Janice

First week of half marathon training. Utah Valley Half Marathon is June 9th!


  1. I thought I was going to hate trail runs, but I'm starting to love them. Then again, I've only been on a couple. I'm glad you had fun on yours!!

  2. I thought I was going to hate trail runs, but I'm starting to love them. Then again, I've only been on a couple. I'm glad you had fun on yours!!

  3. Ahhhh! I am loving the trails! It's like there is no pressure and it has made the road feel "easier" for the most part! It was so fun to see you! Let's do lunch soon :)

  4. Yay!!!! So glad we met and went for a run. You are such a sweet heart. Let's run in July..... K?
    Think about Deseret news marathon on July 24th. It will be my hubby's first full and we will be running slow and relaxed. :)

  5. Aww look at all the cute Utah girls! So glad you enjoyed the trail run - it sounds like a fun time!

  6. I LOVE the pic and would so love to run with such an awesome group of girls. You are all great! :) I will be running the full at Utah Valley so hopefully we can meet up. :)

  7. I love my trail runs because I don't have to be speedy. Okay, I am not speedy so the trail makes me feel normal!

  8. How exciting a new training program! Good Luck!

  9. Thanks for tagging me. I played the game 3 moths ago
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  10. That a great picture - looks like you're having fun! Running trails can be rough at first, but we've all been there. We've faced harder challenges that this, right?

    Plus, with these three gorgeous women running with you, you have nothing to worry and you'll have more fun!

    Good luck on your half marathon training!


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