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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

If you're happy and you know it...

After a rough day yesterday, I decided to give myself a little pick-me-up by looking at the pictures on my phone. They never fail to make me smile. Here are a few examples of why...

Finding pictures I didn't know were even taken.

Seeing the things that are special enough to The Princess that she felt they needed to be documented permanently.

Pink noodles...just for fun.

Pretty much speaks for itself. But it was also race day for me, so just a good day overall.

Capturing moments like these, when my girls don't know I'm watching (and listening).

So many reasons this makes me smile. The sunglasses. Awesome. The Halloween socks with slippers. 100% Bean style. And the bink, which is now gone. It was the last thing keeping her my baby.

There are A LOT of pictures of my little Bean asleep in random places. It's just beyond cute.

And last but not least, this made me smile the day I saw it in a parking lot. My husband drove around so I could jump out and take a picture of it. Just as I was about to take the picture, I realized there were people sitting in the car. It made me jump, and then laugh because I'm sure they thought I was crazy.


  1. awwww!!! love all these so much! your lil girls are so cute and sweet. the last one = NO WORDS!!! laughing hysterically right now!

    and. i want some pink noodles!!!

  2. I need that dinosaur statue in my front yard. It's AWESOME!

  3. I do the same thing. I love looking through my phone pictures. Though, most of mine are of Bungee and not quite as fun as yours.

  4. Your pictures made me smile today too. Thanks!

  5. Very cute set of pics. No wonder they pick you up when you're down!

  6. Love all of the pictures and I love looking back on old memories. Your little kidlets are seriously so adorable. :)

  7. Awe cute picture trail, appreciating the good things in life usually puts me in a better mood too. Love the shot of the car with the " close!" haha

  8. They're not even my kids and I was smiling. I love that you find photos on your phone that you didn't take. It takes you on a tour of their minds.


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