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Friday, October 21, 2011

Kind of a BIG Deal

Some days, things just don't go according to plan. Last night, the plan was to spend an hour on the bike and then get some strength training done after my girls went to bed. This was a reasonable plan since my girls are usually settled for the night by about 7:30. But I was still snuggling my Bean when The Princess called me into her room with a sense of urgency in her voice.

"Feel my loose tooth," she said. I wiggled the tooth that has slooooowly been getting looser over the past few months. It was just barely hanging on. I told her if she pushed it down really fast, it would probably fall out. She tried but just couldn't do it. When she tried, she pulled her finger away at the last minute. So she asked me to do it. And out it came. Then the tears came. She decided she didn't want to lose teeth. (The Princess is not a fan of change. At all.)

So last night The Princess lost her first tooth. This is a BIG deal. After the tears stopped and she decided it was pretty cool to lose a tooth, both girls had to get out of bed to celebrate by calling Daddy, going next door to show her friend, calling Grandma, taking pictures and documenting it on video. By the time the celebration came to a close, it was 9 pm. It was quite the night!

The Tooth Fairy came and acknowledged the event with a crisp $5 bill. I think the most I ever got was a dollar, and that was for molars. "Inflation," her dad said. I'm thinking $5 is a first-tooth kind of thing. And I was glad The Princess later told me it would be fun if she got some of the "round money" when she loses her next tooth.

I will always remember when The Princess lost her first tooth. But I won't remember that one missed work out.

Did you have any BIG deals in your life this week?


  1. umm yeah that's a big girl big deal!!

  2. Cool stuff and you're a good mama to shift your priorities! Your tooth fairy pays better than ours. ; )

  3. Aww, I hate change too and I remember worrying about every tooth that came out. The times sure have changed, I got $0.50 max when I lost my teeth, although we had this sweet tooth shaped pillow with a little pocket on the front for the tooth and in the morning there would be money in the pocket instead. Definitely a good reason to skip a workout.

  4. Wow! 5.00 - times have changed. I never got more than a few coins and nothing if it had the beginnings of a cavity.

  5. holy moly $5!? Lucky girl :) I think we only got $.50, max.

    This is going to sound weird, but are you going to keep her teeth (I sound like a serial killer)? My mom kept ours and I found them when I was in high school and it freaked me out and I made her toss them. lol

  6. yayyyy!!! that is definitely a huge deal and an amazingly memorable moment! $5 is some serious cash for a first tooth...i am kinda jealous ;)

  7. 1. Terry Hitchcock is so lucky to be interviewed by you. Don't be surprised if a few IHR readers plan a 75-day run expecting the same opportunity.

    2. I hope your Princess doesn't bump into any #occupyKindergarten protests because with a payday like that, she's gonna be labeled as the 1%.

    3. BIG deal in my life? My son learned how to whistle. Real whistle. That's equal to first-step, first-word, etc. in my house.


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