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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Runnerd Stress

I was going to do a whole big post about my massage on Saturday and my healing progress since then, but the bottom line is my hip still hurts when I try to run so I've been cycling and strength training to make me feel like I'm doing something. I am also trying to keep my stress level at a minimum (and failing) as each day brings me one day close to October 1st, marathon day.

The one good thing is that I haven't had any pre-race bad dreams, like I usually do, where I wake up and realize the race has already started. We'll just ignore the fact that I'm having dreams about the wedding cake I'm making in November instead, where I wake up the day of the wedding and realize I forgot to make the cake.

And now for the real reason you are here...the runnerd giveaway winners. My little Bean chose the winners from here:

And here are the answers to the bonus entry questions, just in case you were curious:

1 .On what body part did I have surgery? My foot

2. What do I collect? Clocks

3. What are my favorite socks (two possible answers; either will be accepted)? SmartWool or Wright Socks

4. What is my favorite place to visit? I was looking for NYC but also accepted Hawaii, since no one said NYC and almost everyone said Hawaii.

5. Name one of my snack/treat obsessions (there are several)? Baked goods, (chocolate) Twizzlers, hot tamales

6. How did I dress up for Halloween last year? Baseball/softball player

7 .What body part do I most want to improve? Mid-section/stomach

8. Who is my favorite band? U2

9. In addition to "runnerd," what running phrase did my hubs come up with? DNPTP (Did not poop their pants)

10. What nickname did another blogger give me? An extra point for naming the other blogger too. Runner Barbie - Tall Mom Mel

The results are completely unbiased since Bean can't read, so even if she could see the names they meant nothing to her. And she reluctantly posed for a picture of one of her selections:

Water Bottle - Jesse of Run to the Border

Runnerd Glass - P of Adventures of an Average Athlete

Keychain - Nelly on the Run

Email me at with your mailing info and I will get your runnerd stuff in the mail! Congrats to the winners. And the rest of you can load up on runnerd gear at the Runnerd Shop!


  1. thinking of you sweet friend and sending you soooo many positive healing thoughts! see you soon!

  2. ugh! Crumby hip. Millie hasn't been feeling the love has she? Hope you're feeling better soon.

    I loved this giveaway even though I didn't win! So much fun.

  3. So so sorry about your hip. I am praying for you and know your being smart by taking it easy. Our bodies freaking suck! I swear I have been so healthy and now all of a sudden right before the marathon everything is starting to hurt.

    I loved reading all of your answers. :)

  4. I hope your hip feels better, biking seems like a good idea for now. Hopefully you are able to do your race, 10/1 is soon.

    Awesome that I won the keychain, I am a runnerd!

  5. Nobody knew NYC?

    We have similar bad dreams. I'm always enrolled in college and find out I have exams for classes I didn't even know about. Til that stops, I can't go back to school.

    You are tapering. You really don't need to do anything.
    McMillan says you're gonna have a very nice marathon. Rest up and heal, you've put in the time.

  6. Thank you! I received the water bottle/sticker in the mail the other day. Love it!


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