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Race Report: Spanish Fork Half Marathon

The timer will go off in five minutes for the zucchini bread baking in the oven. So why not blog for five minutes?

Plus, I need to do a quick race report, even if it's mostly for myself. Saturday I ran the Spanish Fork Half Marathon, a smaller race about 30 minutes from my house. I signed up for it to get my fourth of four races I needed to complete Run the Slam. Here is my race report in the form of some random thoughts:

(Why can't I look normal even when I stop running??)

  • The race was an out-and-back, my first out-and-back half marathon. It was actually an out and back, turn, out and back again, turn, back to the start. The first part was on country roads along a river and the second part was along a paved trail. It was a pretty run with a few walkers and bikers along the way.

  • It was pretty flat. The flattest half I have run.

  • The flatness made me wonder how I would do since it was a new thing for me. My PR (1:52:39) was set on a very downhill course. I finished this race in 1:53:15.

  • I came in fourth in my age group. I came in less than a minute under the third place runner. I know I could have pushed myself a little more and finished third AND beat my PR.

  • This knowledge (and regret) will be useful in St. George when I am doubting myself. "No Regrets" became a new mantra for me after this race.

  • My stomach started acting up the last few miles. The first thing I did when I finished was head to the bathroom. I am just grateful it was after I finished. This experience reminded me how important it is to be careful what I eat the days before I race, especially since my stomach hasn't bothered me as much in the past few months. I can now really tell it is because of my pre-race eating habits.

  • I thought it was great that it was chip timed even thought it was such a small race. The volunteers were great. And the temperature was perfect for a fall race.

  • In all honesty, I will probably not run this race again. And not just because I didn't get a medal. Although I think it would be better to spend a little money on medals and less money on the raffle prizes. Another complaint is that the shirts were supposed to be Brooks tech shirts. They were tech but not Brooks. And it is kind of ugly. I also didn't love that they ran out of cups and Gatorade at the finish. I was really thirsty!

  • My cousin (in-law) Erik ran this race too. I didn't know he was running until he surprised me just before the race. He came in fifth overall and first in his age group.

  • My awesome support group/race crew/family came to see my finish. LOVE seeing them at the end of a race, even if The Princess thinks I should run faster so I can get an award like Erik.

  • I am still shocked the hours and days after my races that my legs are so conditioned to do this running thing and are hardly sore at all anymore. Love it!

I can't remember if I blogged about it or just mentioned it on DailyMile last week, but the front of my hip has been bothering me lately. It doesn't hurt when I am not moving my leg, but is quite painful sometimes if I have been sitting or standing still for a while. I am leaning toward a nerve issue because of where it is, how it feels (hot, tingly, and sometimes shooting into different parts of my quad) and how it comes and goes. I tried several different anti-inflammatories that did NOTHING to help. But my Celebrex has been a life-saver.

My hip didn't hurt much the day before the race, but it was pretty sore for the first three miles of the race and then it either stopped hurting or went numb. Either way, I was glad it was gone. It hurt a little after the race, and then I had the hubs pull me up from sitting on the floor later that day and took a huge step that made it hurt A LOT. Since then, it has been pretty sore. I'm giving it a few days off from running before I give in and go to the doctor. Fingers crossed it subsides with a little TLC and a lot of icing.

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  1. Great job on the run! I hate it when I think know I could have pushed myself harder and got a PR and didn't so I love your new mantra! Hope your hip feels better soon.

  2. Awesome mantra ... all out at St. George - I know you'll be awesome! Great job on 4th in your age group.

  3. Great job on the half! Our last 5K was a disappointment with the shirts too-supposed to be Brooks tech and they were just t-shirts. Not happy!

  4. What a great race! I remember being promised a tech tee for my first marathon and getting an ugly cotton tee instead. It was so ugly, it actually made me laugh, so I forgave them. :)

  5. Candice...i am seriously so proud of your running. you are rocking it! and i loved your comment a few minutes ago. cant wait to see you in st george sweet friend. i am sad to come back to ut but at the same time cannot wait for this race! haha!

    praying for you and your hip. it better be all healed PRONTO! thinking of you!

  6. No medal is why I did not do the Slam. I was surprised that the slam had 3 of the races that did not give out medals.

  7. It is so hard to finish a race and think..just 1 measly minute. Great lesson for St George.
    ...and I'd rather not get a medal if I can get a 'nice' race shirt.

  8. Awesome job on the run! I'm impressed. Out and backs (even training runs) for me are so discouraging. You always know EXACTLY how long you have left. I was thinking about running a half in two weeks, looked at the map and saw it was an out and back and decided against.

  9. Seriously such an awesome race. You should be so incredibly proud of yourself. This recap was perfect and I really enjoyed reading it. I am very impressed with how much your running is improving. Keep it up and best of luck with the hip!

  10. love reading this recap...congrats on a great race and 4th place. you should be so close to another PR!

  11. So close to a PR! I know what to expect out of you at St. George now - the pressure is on - sorry!

  12. Near the PR and near the podium but no complaints, you made a very good job. Congrats. You must be proud of yourself.
    At least you got a t-shirt. Here last sunday no t-shirt, a different path and only water at the arrival despite what they wrote on the posters.

  13. That is a seriously awesome time! Hope your hip feels better. I'm going through kind of the same thing...I just keep ignoring it and pray it goes away. :/

  14. Great job! And really great that your legs weren't sore afterward. You were definitely well trained!

    I use No Regrets as a mantra when I'm racing. Love it. Especially when I picture Tim Riggins from Friday Night Lights saying it.


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