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Friday, September 16, 2011

Are you a runnerd?

Once upon a time, my husband called me a runnerd. I laughed so hard I almost cried. I have since embraced my runnerdness with a Runnerd Shop, Runnerd Facebook Page and Runnerd Blog (although this last one is much-neglected). My runnerdness is also showing up around the house, in the form of a keychain, t-shirt, tech shirt, sticker on my car, etc. And because I wouldn't be the runnerd I am without all of you, I want to spread the runnerd love. Here's what I'm giving away (one winner for each = three winners!):

And here us how you can win:

  • Follow my blog (required) - leave a comment letting me know

  • Like the Runnerd Facebook Page (optional) - leave a separate comment letting me know
And for bonus entries to win, show me how much of an I Have Runnerd you are and send an email to (do not leave a comment please!) with answers to any or all of the following questions (1 additional entry for each correct answer):

  1. On what body part did I have surgery?

  2. What do I collect?

  3. What are my favorite socks (two possible answers; either will be accepted)?

  4. What is my favorite place to visit?

  5. Name one of my snack/treat obsessions (there are several)?

  6. How did I dress up for Halloween last year?

  7. What body part do I most want to improve?

  8. Who is my favorite band?

  9. In addition to "runnerd," what running phrase did my hubs come up with?

  10. What nickname did another blogger give me? An extra point for naming the other blogger too.

The winners will be announced Wednesday, September 21st.


  1. I follow Runnerds on Facebook! :0)

  2. I like Runnerds on Facebook :)

  3. I follow runnerd on facebook! And I rock my Runnerd sticker in my cubicle at work!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I follow the runnerd facebook page!

  6. {Not an entry!}
    Remind me to tell you a funny story about that FB Runnerd page sometime.
    I can answer 7 of the 10 questions (correctly) although #5 might be easier to name things you don't like.

  7. I liked but where's the love button?

  8. And I like Runnerds on FB, too!

  9. I "Liked" you on facebook(Jeffery Williams)

  10. i follow your blog! runner_girl5k(at)yahoo(dot)com

  11. liked ya on fb [username karen r m] runner_girl5k(at)yahoo(dot)com

  12. Fun giveaway!! I FINALLY put my Runnerd stickers on my Jeep.. I follow you Barbie :)

  13. Hi! I wish I could answer your questions for bonus points, but I just found you on FB a bit ago and now I will happily follow you here! Thank you very much for helping identify who I am by title. :) My boyfriend proudly calls me a Runnerd now too!

  14. I follow your blog!

  15. I like Runnerd on FB!


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