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Things I Love Thursday - Learning Things from Cosmo

Normally, the only magazines I read are Runner's World and Entertainment Weekly. Recently I subscribed to two additional running magazines (that I'm anxiously awaiting my first issues of) and received a free subscription to Cosmopolitan. Who knew Cosmo would have so much useful information for runners?

Did you know your lady lumps (this applies only to women unless you are sporting man boobs, sorry guys) bounce eight inches vertically as you run? And they move in a figure-eight pattern. There are even statistics as to how much they move each direction!! Fifty percent up and down, 22 percent side to side, and 27 percent in and out. And that, ladies, is "Why Sports Bras Feel So Good."

I found the perfect way to use with all those safety pins you bring home with your race bibs. This month's funfearlessfashion in Cosmo said to: "Gather up a small amount of fabric in the middle of a cotton tee and cut off the end of the gathered material to create a hole. Repeat in random spots across the front, back and sleeves (make holes various sizes). Fasten safety pins across the holes." I probably won't do this one myself since I carry my two little girls around and don't want to accidentally poke them with my latest attempt at fashion.

And in your attempt to "Stay Sexy All Summer Long," here's the solution to smelly pits. Runners with smelly pits? Never. But just in case: "Start by washing with an antibacterial soap then sloughing dead skin with an exfoliator. Step out of the shower, towel-dry pits (leftover moisture breeds bacteria), and swipe on antiperspirant. If you perspire heavily (ummm, can you say runner?), choose one with 20 percent sweat-blocking aluminum zirconium, such as Secret Clinical, and apply it at night so it has enough time to plug sweat ducts."

And last but not least, here are a few of the

#17 Designing the cover of a mix CD with a Sharpie

#21 Wearing your hair in braided pigtails...

#23 Drinking chocolate milk - research found it's one of the best things you can drink after a workout.

#37 Instituting Taco Tuesdays, Pizza Thursdays, etc.

#42 Marco Polo

#50 Being totally infatuated with the fact that you have boobs (or that your woman has boobs, if you are a guy)...remember how excited you were to take them bra shopping and show them off in a baby tee?

Also, because it's Thursday and I actually remembered my giveaway is supposed to end today, the winner of the $10 iTunes gift card is:

And since that means nothing to you, this should help:

So Chris @ EVOLVING THROUGH RUNNING, please send your mailing info to And thank you all for your suggestions. I got some great new tunes.
In my pre-race post tomorrow, I'll let you know what I added to my playlist. Until then, go

#15 Make some cookies for the sole purpose of eating the raw batter.


  1. Wait, what about that final 1 percent?

    #42. Everybody definitely cheated at Marco Polo from like age 9 forward.

    So glad to see the giveaway end and be announced. With any luck you'll be up to 27 days (and still probably need more).

  2. Totally have my hair in a braided ponytail.
    And yum ... love chocolate milk!

  3. Yeah, I never stopped doing most of the stuff on that list. Does that make me a free spirit or just a weirdo? For the record, Pizza Tuesday and Burrito Thursday were a staple at my old workplace.

  4. This makes me want to wear two sports bras. It hurts just thinking about it.

  5. Wow, I didn't know that it was important to know which way my boobs moved when I ran. I sure my husband will find it very interesting!

  6. haha! love this! #15 = my fave.

    I hope I see you tonight!!

  7. I don't have enough in the boob department to make a figure 8. sniff sniff. Who knew that Cosmo could be so informative. I bet the last time I looked at that magazine was in 10th grade. I learned things a 10th grader probably shouldn't know.

  8. What a happy ending to an otherwise frown-filled week. Just sent you my mailing info via email.

    Can't really come up with a way to comment on much of this post without sounding hugely inappropriate, so I'll just enjoy my winnings and move on. I will, however, give an enthusiastic endorsement to the chocolate milk suggestion. Rediscovered it once I started training for marathons, and forgot how much I like it. Good stuff.

  9. Great timing with your post - Moving Comfort chose you as the winner of my giveaway!! Congratulations!

  10. What a fun post! Figure 8's huh? I don't think I have enough boobs to make anything that exciting when I bounce! :)

    And I wish you could come to track Tuesdays too!!! :)


  11. I love all of this information! Thank you so much for sharing.

    I can't wait to see you today! Woo hoo!

  12. This post made me smile--thank you! Such funny stuff. Who knew about the safety pins?!

  13. Oh, and Marco Polo? Should never have been invented, much less carried over into adulthood!

  14. So, I've never really thought about the boob bounce direction and since today is my rest day of course I am dying to go find out!

    Can't wait for the updated playlist post!!

    Good luck!!!!

  15. Wow. Now when I go on my long run tomorrow, all I'll be able to think about is 'my boobs are doing figure 8's right now'. Interesting stuff!

  16. After breast reduction surgery 11 years ago, my former figure 8's are jiggling canteloupes and I love them. and your blog. Awesome stuff.

  17. What a fun post! and my lady lumps couldn't move 8 inches if they tried,....very sad. i love chocolate milk, i drink it all the time with the kids!


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