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Monday, June 20, 2011

Lessons in Potty Training

So the reason I did last week's long run on Thursday rather than Saturday was because Saturday was potty party day for my Bean. The Princess and her daddy had a daddy-daughter day while Bean and I spent the morning potty training her new doll and the afternoon potty training Bean.

In my effort to become a diaper-free house, there were some definite highlights. First, Saturday night I showed off my skills as a master seamstress when I turned some toddler undies into some doll undies. I was completely winging it. I didn't have a pattern. Not that it really would have made a huge difference since I haven't sewn anything complicated enough to need a pattern in over 10 years. But I got a sewing machine for Christmas, so I decided to attempt to sew some doll undies rather than stapling them together like I did for The Princess' potty party. Yes, you read that right. But they were DOLL panties. No children were harmed by the staples throughout the course of the January 2009 potty party.

Anyhow, my attempt resulted in an Elmo thong...
and a Cinderella string bikini.

(Don't look too closely. I TOLD you I am not a sewing queen, and I threw these together at 11 pm on Friday night!)

Then, as I was getting things in place for the next morning, I noticed this:

Yep, I got the boy version at the library by mistake. I really didn't want to have to add an anatomy lesson to the day, so I strategically placed my finger over Joshua's boy parts while reading this book.

Yet even with the few glitches, the potty party was a success. We finished off the day with some congratulatory big girl presents: a Minnie Mouse swimsuit from Daddy, Rapunzel sunglasses from Mommy, and princess flip flops from big sis. Bean had to wear everything when she took Emma out to swing before bed that night. It was a little cold though, so Minnie had to hide under a jacket.

How was YOUR weekend?


  1. lol..I did the potty party with my daughter also...I thought it worked like a charm! Now we will have to see how that goes with my son. Not so sure it will go off without a hitch! That's hysterical about the book! Congrats to no more diapers!!!!!

  2. Ahhhhh! I am at this point, too. I have done this three times with excitement and vigor and enthusiasm… and this time I am dragging my feet. While I'd love to get my girl using the potty, I get the impression she will be harder than her sibs…and I am more tired now :P You have inspired me, though! Think I'll start before the month is over :) thanks!

  3. I've never even heard of a potty party, but that's awesome! Love the sewing skills :)

  4. So cute! Love the sewing skills - I tried making a sweaty band yesterday and discovered that I sewing the velvet strip on the inside rather than outside. So, I have no room to talk!

    Great job on the potty training! It took us with BW, so great job!!

  5. ummm best idea ever! i kinda feel left out that i never got to have a potty party when i was younger. haha!

  6. This post made my day. A potty freaking cute and smart.

    Love that last picture of your daugher. Yay for a diaper free house. :)

  7. omg, once upon a potty was one of my favorite books when I was really really young. I remember making my grandmother read it to us when she came to visit. Too funny!

  8. And does the potty party represent diaper liberation? Or is it just the beginning?

    There's nothing like getting out of that difficult diaper phase. Then you just have to wipe butts for a few more years. Lucky.

  9. Good luck potty training, I love the doll undies you sewed!

  10. Woo hoo! We used that book for Conal when we potty trained him.

    Nice work!


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