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You Smell Like a Monkey

Another great birthday. Another year older. A new running age group in most races.

I'm trying to embrace my age. I am doing an awesome job if embrace is a synonym for denial.

In honor of my birthday week, some of you asked birthday-related questions as part of my Sweaty Bands giveaway. Here are the answers my sleep-deprived mind put together:

(The question I chose as the most creative and which earned an extra entry in the Sweaty Bands giveaway was this one:)

Emz said... What's your favorite birthday smell. I know. Weird. But as a kid on my birthday I always woke up to the smell of carrot cake. So my Hubby being the baker he is bought me a carrot cake candle he lights every birthday morning. ;)

I love this! How sweet is your hubby? My favorite birthday smell is my mom's homemade German Chocolate Cake.

And now for the rest of them...

Karen said... If you could have anyone from all of history jump out of your birthday cake, who would it be and what would they be wearing? And what kind of cake would we be talking about?

The cake is easy. I would want a ginormous Costco cake. When I thought about the people from history that I would want to meet, it felt disrespectful to picture them jumping out of a cake or they were women and it just felt wrong. So I'll just make it a really big cake and have Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Reynolds and Bradley Cooper jumping out of it shirtless and call it good.

Darcie said... Since it's your birthday week, if a baby's leg pops out at 11:59PM but his head doesn't come out until 12:01, which day was he born on? Ignore the fact that the baby came out foot first :)

I would say the baby came out on the second day. I didn't consider my babies born until their little bodies were completely outside of mine.

..:danielle:.. said... if you could run/bike/tri any race in the world (and it would occur on your birthday JUST for you) which race would it be and why?

I had a hard time choosing between the two marathons I really want to do. I would either choose the Athens Marathon because I think it would be awesome to run the course based on the Pheidippides myth or the New York Marathon because New York is my favorite place and it would be a dream come true.

Jill said... How would you spend your birthday if you could do anything you wanted?

I did exactly what I wanted on my birthday. It was all about spending a relaxing day with my family and included good food and lots of cake.

Jamie said... If you could go anywhere to celebrate bday week where would you and who would you take? AND catriona said... As for birthdays... assuming an unlimited budget, what would your ideal birthday celebration look like?

This was another tough one. I was going to go with New York City, but I would want to take my whole family and NYC wouldn't be as fun for my girls. So I would spend my birthday week with my hubby and girls at Disneyland. It really is the happiest place on earth!

Iron Mike said... Are ya gonna give my birthday tradition a shot (even if it is ONLY half the distance...)? I don't actually know how old you are, but I'm sure its doable.

I LOVE Iron Mike's birthday tradition! However, I am old, and even the half distance was too much for me this year. I have made it a goal to start this tradition next year though. If I put it on the calendar and work it into a training plan, I will be ready!

Mel's Mom said... Do you prefer the traditional "Happy Birthday" song or do you have another rendition you enjoy?! :)

I don't want to be told I "smell like a monkey" and I don't need someone singing a breathy Marilyn Monroe version to me. I am good with the traditional version, especially when it is sung by my girls. It was awesome to see how excited they were to sing to me this year. Even the little Bean, who only knew about three of the words (happy, you and Mommy), sang her little heart out.

Meredith said... What is the most creative birthday present you have ever received?

I really couldn't come up with an answer to this one. Boring, huh?

chasingdownadream said... Do you have a favorite meal for your birthday? I love a good lasagna but only as a birthday treat once a year.

Growing up, I wanted homemade tomato soup on my birthday every year. It is no longer a birthday tradition, but it always reminds me of my birthday.

RUN: Good luck to my cousins Stacey and Brittany who are running the Las Vegas Ragnar this weekend!!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like everything went well and it's always good to try out a new age bracket.

  2. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like a great one and do embrace that new age group!

  3. YAY!

    I love that you had us ask questions!! Love all the questions from others. But YAY me!! ;)

  4. I'm actually looking forward to 1.5 years from now for a new age group - even though those old guys are beating me in races now!

  5. Ha, you're not old, but I did overlook the whole just-ran-a-marathon thing. That's good enough.

    I like the way you spent your birthday, you're very lucky. Now you have a whole year to fill in the gaps of your little bean's lyrics, although sometimes, I wish they would keep those little quirks forever.

    And hey, if you're even THINKING about DisneyLand, I say GO!


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