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The Princess

The Princess, in all her 4-year-old wisdom, has shared some profound thoughts lately.

After the St. George Marathon, The Princess told me I won. Yep, I won the St. George Marathon. Go me! She is smart enough to have noticed that everyone else that ran also had a medal, but she somehow worked that out in her mind. According to her, I won, even though the other runners got medals too. However, she clarified that I won because I am THE runner.

Apparently, I have abs like Ariel and Jasmine when I am lying on my back. If only. She noted that she too has Ariel-abs when lying down, and then wondered why her belly sticks out (umm, only because she was pushing her ridiculously flat, tone stomach out on purpose) when she sits up. I mentally thanked her for not pointing out that my belly does the same thing when I sit up, yet without trying to push it out.

Last but not least, The Princess told me a few weeks ago that she wants to be a farmer, a doctor, a teacher, a nurse, a worker girl and a hair girl like her aunt when she grows up. She was going to be all those things, a different one every day. Then the other night, she was quite upset and told me she doesn't want to be any of those things because she doesn't want to work until midnight (translation: when it gets dark). I told her she could be a Mommy, then she wouldn't have to be gone until midnight. Yesterday The Princess told Grandma she is going to be a mom who is a writer and a runner when she grows up so she doesn't have to be gone until midnight.

Needless to say, that girl is good for my self-esteem.

RUN: Two more days until my birthday Sweaty Bands giveaway ends.


  1. Love this.

    My 10 year old princess told me I needed to color my hair. Enjoy your 4 year old princess while it lasts lol.

  2. Awesome - I need one of those 4-year-olds in my home!

    The seem to forget this when then turn into teenagers!

  3. That is an awesome photo. Love them while they're young - they grow up fast!

  4. Great picture.
    I love when my kids ask me where my belly button went. Hmmm, wish I knew. Besides, Ariel is always swimming, that's burning a ton of calories (unless she lives on land now, I didn't really follow the sequels).
    Your introspective princess is right. Mom/Writer/Runner, you've got a good gig. Enjoy it!

  5. My four year old always asks me if I won when I am done with a race.

  6. Gotta love kids! But yeah, enjoy it while you can. Once they hit about 14 they cease to see you in that winning the marathon light. Instead they know everything and you know nothing. I love 4 year olds!


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