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2010 St. George Marathon

I basically had my race report written (in my head) before the St. George Marathon even started. I was that prepared mentally for the race. After the race, I also knew my legs had been prepared to go the distance. Unfortunately though, that wasn't enough. So instead of the race report I thought I would be writing, you get this.

The Good
  • I finished. With a smile on my face.
  • The smile was a result of seeing my husband, girls, aunt, uncle and cousin just before I rounded the corner to the finish. There is nothing like having support to get you through something tough. I thought I would cry when I saw them, but instead I was just overwhelmingly happy.
  • My cousin ran part of the last 1/2 mile with me. Having a little conversation to distract me was exactly what I needed. During the race, I actually thought several times about how nice it would be to run with someone else just for that little push or distraction when you need it.
  • I have spent the last few days focusing on what I can learn from the experience. After being seriously disappointed at first, I changed my attitude and am moving forward.
  • I will run another marathon, even though at one point during the race I swore I wouldn't.
  • It is only Tuesday, three days post race, and my legs are almost back to normal. I haven't been very sore at all.
  • My shin didn't bother me at all and my IT band didn't act up until 10 miles into the race. It tightened up off and on but it was never too much to run through.
  • I was running by the 4:15:00 pace group until 13+ miles. My legs felt great and I felt really good about finishing by the 4:30:00 mark at the halfway point.
  • The medal is awesome.

The Bad

  • I didn't PR. When the 5-hour pace group passed me with just a couple of miles to go, I wanted to sit down on the curb and cry. I didn't.
  • I wore my black capris. Once the sun came up, we were running directly into it. Sun + black = HOT!
  • With the amount of sweat I was wiping off my face and the water I kept dumping on my head, my sunscreen didn't have a chance. My nose and forehead got way too much sun!

The Ugly

  • This was the warmest race in the St. George Marathon's 34-year history. It was 67 degrees at the start and in the 90s when I finished. I got dehydrated and very nauseous. I had to walk a lot toward the end because any exertion made me want to puke. I was afraid if I puked, I wouldn't finish.
  • I didn't train in the heat. Because of my husband's work schedule and having two little girls, I do most of my runs on the treadmill. I didn't realize how much hydration I would need. I drank water and/or Gatorade at every aid station, but I probably should have started drinking before the first station (at mile three), and I obviously needed to drink more overall.
  • Because my stomach got so upset as I became dehydrated, I couldn't get my energy chews down when I needed them. I was fighting a losing battle.
  • Obvious signs I was dehydrated: I wasn't sweating anymore and my mouth was SO dry I could hardly swallow. I have never wanted ice that bad in my life. The last aid station had cups of ice, and I savored every piece.

RUN: More photos and random post-marathon thoughts to come...


  1. Keep up the positive attitude! You can't PR with every race and it is awesome that you are able to do what you do. Keep it up!

  2. It was soooo stinking hot! Congratulations on finishing such a tough race!

  3. love that picture :) congrats on finishing a TOUGH marathon. there is absolutely nothing you can do when you are faced with tough conditions besides do your best and you did :)

  4. Wow sounds BRUTAL!! Thank you for the honest play by play. You look BEAUTIFUL in that photo if it makes you feel any better..

  5. Hey, you're a survivor. Temperature makes or breaks a race, and dehydration is nothing to play with...not over 26.2 miles.
    That is such a great picture, just look how happy you are, like a bubble of sunshine in a sea of broken runners.
    Your recovery sounds great, ease back into training runs and thank your body for staying in motion under the conditions.
    And finally, it is so cool that your cousin helped you with the last .5. You are very lucky.

  6. Oh man, I've done marathons where temps hit the 90s and I feel for you. But you overcame; you survived; and you finished. Good for you. There will be another race and soon enough you're bound to be the recipient of great weather conditions.

  7. Way to go and still smiling! Awesomeness!

  8. 90F when you finished? Dang. I trained through the summer heat, and I still think I'd be in trouble if I ran a marathon in those temps. Sorry it wasn't the race you hoped for, but you finished another marathon, and ultimately that's what matters.

  9. Congrats on finishing a tough race! Running in the heat is so hard, but you finished with a smile on your face!

  10. Thanks for sharing your experience... that is the point of these, to learn from them and it definately seems like you will change things next time around.

    I cannot imagine being that dehydrated... it had to be scary.

    I also couldnt imagine running that distance by yourself - I have a running partner that we ahve trained all of our long runs together and will be doing our first 1/2 marathon next weekend together. Its nice to have someone to talk to the entire run - minus going up the hills! It makes the time go so much faster!

  11. Sounds VERY tough. I can't imagine running a marathon in those conditions. Being nauseous is the worst. But the point is, you stuck it out and did it. Good for you!

  12. You are one tough cookie!! Great job sticking with it and giving it your all in awful conditions.

  13. Congrats on finishing in that heat! My first marathon finished in the 90's, the first real hot day of the year and it was tough. And once you're dehydrated it's impossible to play catch up. I'm glad you can have a positive attitude about the whole thing. It is such an accomplishment and you should be so proud.

  14. Oh yuck - but I love that you still finished with a smile on your face. And that you WILL be doing another marathon. Great attitude, even after the bad experience.

  15. First off, CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING! I can't believe it was so warm!!! Girl you really trooped through and you should be so proud of yourself for that. Keep up that attitude and go tackle another one!!!! ;)

  16. I had three friends that ran this.

    They all said it was similar to death.

    You did it though!

    You rock!

  17. Congrats on being a marathon finisher! Sounds like an extremely tough day. Running in the 90s is serious stuff. Glad you pushed through and finished with a smile on your face!

  18. Wow sounds like some pretty extreme conditions! I am sure if the heat hadn't been such a factor, the race would have gone differently. Stomach problems really are the worse. So sorry you had to deal with that! Keep the positive thoughts!

  19. Good for you finishing with a smile and all! I honestly can't say I was smiling at the end. I too had a hard time staying hydrated. Runners were dropping like flies and I was just grateful to finish. The heat was totally unexpected and my runs at 4:00 am didn't prepare me for the temps. Ah, but we can learn a thing or two from this. Can't wait to follow more of your running adventures. Good job!

  20. 90s at the finish? Yikes! That's really tough. Good for you for pushing through and finishing.

    That's a great pic of you!

    Recover well.

  21. Great job finishing such a hot race! And with a smile, even!

  22. It's so hard when we set goals and things don't work out to get them checked off. YOu will though, no doubt. Race day is always a mystery unfolding - you just never know.

    I was sitting in my office today when another teacher came by and told me of his StG experience. He did well, but his wife had bad hydration problems due to the heat and at mile 23, she passed out and was carried to the med tent. She vomited 4 times and 45 minutes later, they let her go out and finish - well off of her BQ goal, of course, but grateful for the experience!

    Congratulations girl you DID it!! :)

  23. Every marathon finish counts, well done! Nothing worse than marathon plus heat. You will learn a lot from this and have a great marathon next time.

  24. You really sound like you learned a lot from this marathon! I love to read that. It's not all about what that clock said.

    It is unfortunate that as moms we have to "fit in" our training and as a result you didn't get to train in race conditions. With that said I think you did a great job finishing strong. You look wonderful at the finish!

    Like everything in life take what you can learn from it and let the rest go! congrats!

  25. first, congrats! you may not have gone as fast as you wanted, but you're a marathoner! no one can take that away from you!

    i ran the chicago marathon last weekend, and same thing with the heat. by halfway through i was struggling- it was in the high 80's. i knew i wasnt going to finish in the time i wanted, but there was no way i could run much faster! it just makes me want to run another marathon that much more!

  26. i dont know why it didnt link to my blog? it's :)

  27. I just found you through Iron Mike. I also ran St. George and things didn't go the way I had hoped either, the heat killed me.

    Congrats on completing the marathon!


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