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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

DNF, DNS and more "runner lingo"

The quick fix for my shin wasn't the miracle I was hoping it would be, so there isn't much point in sharing the details. To sum it up, it was running slowly up a steep incline to force underused muscles to get stronger faster. Unfortunately, my shin hurts a little more, not less, today.

For my short little "run," I wore my Hobble Creek Half race shirt. On the back it says FINISHER. My husband asked what the people who didn't finish got. I jokingly said maybe they got a DNF or DNS shirt - did not finish or did not start - and told him those are actual running terms.

Then he asked if there were DNPTP shirts.

It took me a few seconds, and then I laughed. DNPTP - did not poop their pants.


  1. You could start your own shirt company with all those!

  2. DNPTP Shirts - you could make a killing selling to your fellow runners...

  3. If they really had shirts that said that, I would wear it... EVERYWHERE!!!

  4. Seriously funny. So sad to say that that is an accomplishment on some riuns!

  5. Love your runner lingo at your house.
    DNPTP - too funny!

  6. Did you only do that 'quick fix' once?
    Might take a few workouts.

    But, here's another thought...
    Does the shin BONE hurt? or the muscles around the bone.

    No part of the bone should hurt when you push on it. Just don't want you to exasperate the problem.

    I would have been proud to wear a DNPMP shirt way before I was a runner.

  7. Candice, I sure hope your shin gets to feeling better soon. Doc Sheehan had what he called "The magic six" exercises and stretches he did after every run. One was a shin exercise where he'd use an 8lb weight, sock tied around it, and sitting on a counter he'd lift that weight with his toes/foot...I've done it faithfully for 20+ years. Works!

  8. Love your shirt ideas! Good luck with your shins. Hope they feel better soon.

  9. Ha ha ha!!!! Thank goodness I could wear a DNPTP shirt!! Too funny!

  10. That DNPTP shirt was made for me. Not that I'd get to wear it often, but it would be nice to have for those special occasions.

  11. Take some time off and rest your legs, you may try some compression sleeves too. I have had good luck with those.

  12. Oh, my! That is hilarious!

    Good luck with the shin pain. Hope it subsides soon.

  13. Way funny!!! You need to sell shirts :)


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