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Monday, May 17, 2010

Ogden Half Marathon Race Report

Because packet pick-up was only held the day before the race, my girls and I drove the hour to Ogden and picked up my number. I quickly made my way around the expo, but didn't see anything I couldn't live without. I read Bart Yasso would be there to speak at different times throughout the day and was actually surprised he would be at such a small expo/race. However, the race was voted the ninth best marathon by Runner's World, so maybe that had something to do with it. Because I knew he would be there, I took my copy of My Life on the Run and had him sign it. He was just sitting on a table, hanging out by himself when I found him. He signed my book and chatted with my biggest midge, asking if she is fast and if she is going to be a runner like mommy. For the record, it was a "yes" response to both questions.

Friday night, my cousin came over for our weekly girl's TV night. She was also spending the night because my hubby had to work Saturday. Yes, this is the same amazing (and beautiful and funny) cousin that went to St. George with me. She rocks!!

We headed to bed a little after 10 pm. I set my phone to wake me and tried to fall asleep. The last time I looked at the clock, it was a little after 11 pm. The next time I looked at the clock, it was 11:45 pm. My biggest midge was complaining that her nose was stuffed up. She got in bed with me and complained every 15 minutes or so until almost 2 am. I tried to sleep, but I was SO hot with her glued to my side that I moved to the floor where I told myself over and over that I needed to get some sleep until I finally dozed off about 2:45 am. Fifteen minutes later, my phone went off. I figure I got a total of about 2 hours of sleep. Woo-hoo. Ready to run!!

I got dressed, kissed my sleeping girls and hubby and headed out the door. Another hour drive to Ogden, boarded the bus, then waited. Since we had over an hour between the last bus drop-off and the start, I spent some time in the port-a-potty line (three times), chatted with an 80-something gentleman about the 28 members of his family running that day (marathon, half and 5K), stretched, gazed longingly at the people close to the fire pits, and finally stripped down to my race clothes and headed to the start. I started between the 9:00 and 10:00 pace signs. I was shooting for around 2:10. I figured that would keep me around a minute slower than my goal pace for next month's half. Then we were off.

I don't really have a mile by mile recap because it seemed to go pretty quickly. Here are some of the highlights though:

  • The only real uphill was just after the start and it was a pretty long one. I really think adding hill intervals to my training lately helped. My pace slowed a little but not enough that it is noticeable looking back at my stats.

  • This race really is amazingly beautiful! All but the last three miles or so are over a dam and through a beautiful canyon. Even the last three miles were on a parkway surrounded by shady trees. Only the last little bit to the finish was through the city. I had my phone and took a few pictures, but they don't do it justice.

  • Between the time I woke up and started the race, all I could force myself to eat was half a banana so I was getting hungry a few miles in. I downed a grape pomegranate CarbBOOM gel at mile 4. I didn't have another one because the (lemon, uggh) Powerade I drank around mile 7 made me want to puke.

  • My shorts drove me crazy. I almost think it was the Glide that did it. I haven't used Glide with these shorts before, and they haven't ever ridden up (between my legs) but this time I was constantly tugging down the one side. It's like my shorts got stuck to the Glide.

  • I LOVE my arm warmers. However, the only place I chafed was where my armband for my iPod sat on my arm. I think it was too close to the arm warmer's seam and caused it to rub.

  • (I know you've always wanted to see a picture of my armpit!)

  • I have got to get this shoe thing figured out. I got blisters in the usual spot on both feet, including this baby:

  • At mile 7, I was still feeling good but noticed I was going faster than planned, so I tried to focus on slowing down. I think I could have gotten a PR because I felt great all the way to the end, good enough that I pushed it on mile 13. Here are my splits:
    Mile 1 9:29
    Mile 2 9:33
    Mile 3 9:09
    Mile 4 9:25
    Mile 5 9:13
    Mile 6 9:23
    Mile 7 9:40 (forced myself to slow down)
    Mile 8 9:31
    Mile 9 9:23
    Mile 10 9:41
    Mile 11 9:36
    Mile 12 9:46
    Mile 13 8:57 (let myself speed up)
    .1 Mile 1:45 (9:06)

    Total distance: 13.19 miles
    Total time (Garmin): 2:04:38
    Official Time: 2:04:34
    I forgot to take a post-run photo, so this will have to do. I had to show off my medal though, especially since it is my first half marathon medal. At my other half marathon, all I got was a carnation.

    RUN: My legs are a little sore but nothing crazy. I am going to ride the bike today to give them one more day "off."


    1. Nice job!! Congrats on a great time...and the war wounds...awesome! :)

    2. Great job, and great consistency with the splits. Congrats!! Looks like a beautiful course.

    3. Congrats on a great race! Talk about an evenly run race. I have to say though that blister picture made me want to yak. I must have a weak stomach!

    4. What great race! Good job :) That blister looks super ouchy!!!

    5. Congrats on an excellent run. You will be so ready for next month.

    6. What a great run and looks like a gorgeous location!
      How cool that you chatted with Bart Yasso :)
      Pop that blister!

    7. Great Race! Yeah, that blister looks really painful!!! Ouch!

    8. Congratulations! That's a great race. That blister looks like it hurts, though!

    9. Wow! Those battle wounds look painful. But what a pretty run!

    10. Congrats on your race! The blister looks painful.

    11. Great job on the half! That is a awesome job of pacing your self so evenly for the whole time! I have not being able to sleep the night before a race!

    12. Way to go. The course looks amazing! Smart move to take it easy and recover. congrats!

    13. Congrats on your race! Looks like a gorgeous run. Those are some great war wounds, you should be very proud! :)

    14. Sounds and looks likes a great race. Blisters not included.

      Congrats on the accomplishment.

    15. Great job at your race! Love the medal!

    16. Great job! Looks like a gorgeous place to run.

    17. Way to go on your race!!! I love the pictures :)

    18. CONGRATS!!! looks like a beautiful race and LOVE the medal :)

    19. You did awesome! Great race report!

    20. Great job on the race! You will kill it on the Utah Valley race!
      If I wasn't flying to Seattle that day, I would be doing it with you.

    21. You are awesome! I love love love the Ogden marathon! The year I ran it, Jeff Galloway was there, I ran near him for 7 miles...very cool! Congrats on another half!
      I'll see you at Utah Valley!

    22. Great job! Congrats.
      Hope that blister is healing -- yikes!

    23. Ouch to that blister! And I like your pace.

    24. LOVE the medal.. I think all half marathons should give medals. I have had serious issues with shorts, spandex, you name it lately.. UGH

    25. Congrats on a great run. This was a great race report. Thanks!

    26. Excellent race despite the lack of sleep! I love reading your blog - I stumbled across it and your words always ring true!


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