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Friday, June 12, 2009

Running Blind

As you can see from my Upcoming Races list, I have a 10-mile tomorrow. I am excited after last weekend's long run, but this is the first time I have no idea the exact race route I will be running. I don't know why, but it has been a nagging question in the back of my head all week. I thought about emailing the race director, but this was the email last exchange between us:

My email:
Will there be aid/water stations throughout this run? Also, will there be a place to leave warm-up clothes and pick them up later?

His email:
yes, 3 mi, then 2 mile then 2

I'm still not sure about the warm-up clothes question, which seems valid since it is supposed to be in the 40s when the race starts. I have sent a few other email questions (the race web site is obviously lacking!) and received similar responses, so I'm just going to wait and get my questions answered for me tomorrow at the race.

And while on the topic of upcoming races, I figure a marathon update is due. I DID sign up for Top of Utah. If my husband happens to be working that day, I will:
  • go up the night before with my girls and someone who can watch them during the race (in the hotel);
  • get up (really) early and have someone come watch my girls at home; or
  • beg my aunt to let us stay at her house (which isn't too far from where the race is) and bribe her and her daughters to entertain my girls.

I have 98 days to figure it out!!


  1. (hi, new to your blog!) It must be a race director thing, I once emailed a R.D. about having to pay entry to a state park in addition to the race fee, with a few other questions, and he simply emailed me back "yes". No Hi, thank you, bye, nothing. Just "yes" . I think they must be busy folks!!

  2. Hi...also new to your blog, but found your comment on my blog! I hope your 10 mile race went well. I'm looking forward to reading your race report, assuming you're doing one!

  3. looking forward to the race report, if you do one :o)

    i feel your pain with the child care arrangement stuff...


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